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Boris Johnson refuses to extend England’s free school meal scheme

Boris Johnson has defended his refusal to extend free school meals in England over the half-term break, as he hinted that more money might be made available, declaring no one wanted to see children going hungry this winter. (Subscribe:

Local councils, cafes, restaurants and voluntary organisations have rallied round to fill the gap, mostly funding it out of their own pockets. And Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are already providing free meals there. So how long can the Westminster government resist the growing backlash?

We have been speaking to families in Derby who say they rely on free school meals.

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    Very sad to know that the Most vulnerable are going to suffer further it's a disgrace and very upsetting Covid 19 has destroyed many people's lives here and all over the world..I hope they will rethink their decision and support families need it now..

  2. Avatar

    I don’t understand how “eat out to help out” can get funding and providing free meals to vulnerable children during Christmas, at less than 1/20th the cost, does not.


  3. Avatar

    hungery children? i thought UK is a developed country. why a developed country's goverment even can't solve food problem?

  4. Avatar

    People all over the world are out of work due to no fault of their own. If it is not the role of Government to step in, why are they there?

  5. Avatar

    should build a big wall around parliment and starve em all to death

  6. Avatar

    There are far too many single mums on benefits blaming the government for their problems, most of them are overweight so it’s difficult to see why they don’t have enough food for the kids. It’s their responsibility to feed their own damn children anyway, not to create even more welfare cases. Quite right for Boris to tell them to suck it.

  7. Avatar

    How many of these kids have iPhones and other gadgets, big TVs etc , parents smoke etc , food first , gadgets later , stop blaming the government , they didn’t make you have kids

  8. Avatar

    I disagree with those that call them the nasty party.

    They are the Nazi party.

  9. Avatar

    2:58 Gary Sambrook MP- the shoe fits. Our Tory MP isn't much better but he did have the spine to vote against the party whip. None of these Northern Tory MPs are getting voted back in. None.

  10. Avatar

    What happened in the days before Free School Meals over School Holidays ?!

  11. Avatar

    What a Wanker.
    May he feel pains of hunger one day.!

  12. Avatar

    Neglect is spending money on a needless peace of so called ART! Work insulting the president of the United states. When many children are going hungry. Shocking disgusting and grotesque.

  13. Avatar

    I swear Connie was on 4in a bed ? he is a blessed man ! And rashford !

  14. Avatar

    Boris Johnson, the great grandson of Ebenezer Scrooge.

  15. Avatar

    Caught on cam


  16. Avatar
    Stephen Hollinrake

    Bezos, virgin, Starbucks, , theres the money you need, and we are all to blame for there rise as we use it ,, this ain't going away and the working will pay for it while dossers receive it ,, the leftwaffe are on a collision course with civil war,, .

  17. Avatar

    Why do we keep making this mistake? We already had Maggie Thatcher the Milk Snatcher, now we've got Boris the Burglar who Steals kids' Meals.

  18. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/OzxiqxsGyXs new video out. Should parents receive vouchers during half term

  19. Avatar

    No empathy and no remorse. Is this the best UK politics has to offer? The government must do more to protect those in need. Yet again, the British public have stepped in to fund a service that should be publicly run.

  20. Avatar

    I would rather Theresa May be PM than Boris Johnson!

  21. Avatar

    I'd be embarrassed if my government behaves like this to its own people.

  22. Avatar

    £63 million divided up by 650 constituencies in the UK equals around £97,000 for each constituency – not a lot to provide meals for all the children who live in food poverty in each constituency, is it?

  23. Avatar

    The mother looks like she's eating well enough!!

  24. Avatar
    Jacqueline Arthur

    I think the queen should step in now she can get the government to help with the free school meals scheme as children need this help

  25. Avatar

    Gary Sambrook eats big dinners.

  26. Avatar

    Everybody talks about the Tories as if they'd gotten into power through some misfortunate coincidence. Let's not forget that the majority of people voted for them, especially in these dead-end towns.

  27. Avatar

    I lost count of how many times that Tory said 'Local councils' shifting the blame from her atrocious government.

  28. Avatar

    How can this Tory government let children starve when they have wasted £12 Billion but can’t find £20 Million to feed the children. I hope in 2024 the many have kept the newspapers from 2020 just to remind them of all the lies and cold hearted approach they have taken to every Child & vulnerable person. Please just Collect the news papers as you can not miss the fact the Conservatives and Boris will be on the front page of each one. So before you vote in 2024 just remind yourself how ruthless the Conservatives are that being Boris and the 322 Tory MP’s whom voted to starve the children. 🤔

  29. Avatar

    The scary thing is. They are holding their ground just to prove a point, just to appear strong, not another u-turn. Kids are hungry for this reason alone.

  30. Avatar

    Vote for cunts, get the policies of cunts.

  31. Avatar

    Look how fat she is. Of course the children are hungry fat cow is eating all their food smh

  32. Avatar

    God bless your heart Sir and may he blessed you abundantly. With your kind nature no child will go hungry

  33. Avatar

    Imagine living in Derbyshire and voting Tory hahahahhahaha truly Turkeys that voted for Christmas the daft morons.

  34. Avatar

    Terrible Tories… waste millions on track & trace system that doesn’t work, waste billions on HS2 🤬

  35. Avatar

    The government that wants to keep Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 and
    Ireland 🇮🇪 an incompetent government has no right over Scotland and Ireland

  36. Avatar

    No to council to tax credit

  37. Avatar

    Why is there an "independent" group for MPS pay but not for benefits. If you use an index of benefits or state pensions to MPS pay we have amongst the highest paid in Europe. Why are MPS keeping the value increase in second homes, why does the second home not go the next MP why does the state keep paying to give these large wind falls to mps.? Why are MPS getting final salary pensions base don 20 years service, why are they getting final salary pensions a lot of questions. If universal credit was any good there may be less need for zombie job scheme for jobs that sadly may not come back etc.

  38. Avatar

    They gave money 12 weeks ago to last 12weeks yet her reply is that they "didn't know a pandemic would happen". We were well into this pandemic by then!

  39. Avatar
    John's Music Passions

    the tory MOP doesn't answer the question – usual Whataboutism which is self praise – feed the kids – this is typical Tory arrogance

  40. Avatar

    she doesn't look hungry ha.. try getting a job? stop sponging off people to pay for your kids

  41. Avatar

    Tory politicians will eat what should be for children

  42. Avatar

    People are working hard. The politicians must feed every child; not burden people who can't afford to buy food.

  43. Avatar

    Food, housing, healthcare, heating, transport, and education.
    The gov that gives these to the common folk is the Gov that will win reign forever.

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