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Boris Johnson pledges to transform Britain after Covid crisis

Boris Johnson has said in his speech to the Conservative party conference that Britain must not return to the status quo after the coronavirus pandemic, promising a transformation akin to the ‘New Jerusalem’ the postwar cabinet pledged in 1945. The prime minister also mounted a robust defence of the private sector, saying ‘free enterprise’ must lead the recovery and that he intended to significantly roll back the extraordinary state intervention that the crisis had necessitated

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Boris Johnson: UK must not return to status quo after Covid pandemic ►

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  1. Avatar

    Joe Biden copies those three words behind the PM:)

  2. Avatar
    Jewel Of Morocco

    Are we going to run our trips are get back our jobs soon or not?

  3. Avatar
    West Coast Electrics

    Boris Johnson’s speech: Exists

    Joe Biden: “can I steal it from you?”

  4. Avatar

    Hahahahaha. What a tool..

  5. Avatar

    Hollow words from BloJo…..

  6. Avatar

    welcome to 1984 britain

  7. Avatar

    Who is this CGI?

  8. Avatar

    Everything we've lost is down to you Alexander Johnson and you will one day end up behind bars.

  9. Avatar

    █▀▀ █▀█ █ █▀▄▀█ █ █▄░█ ▄▀█ █░░ █

    █▄▄ █▀▄ █ █░▀░█ █ █░▀█ █▀█ █▄▄ ▄

  10. Avatar

    British Conservatism does not require a stable and contented workforce because their security and wellbeing comes at the expense of the profits and control of the 1%.
    The tories consider any government expenditure – jobs, public services, single mothers, pensions, schools, housing and care for the disabled – as wasteful, inefficient, incompetent and morally repugnant, even if the only alternative is death.
    You force the peasants to give money to the Government. Not the other way around

  11. Avatar

    Maybe just don’t push through these lockdowns in the first place

  12. Avatar

    "we human beings" doesn't he mean 'you'

  13. Avatar

    Greta Thunberg approves.

  14. Avatar

    You have caused so many deaths with your 'lock-down' you have bIood on your hands. You should be on trial for your life.

  15. Avatar

    Oh, it's going to be different alright: Very different.

  16. Avatar

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    Boris Johnson: UK must not return to status quo after Covid pandemic ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/oct/06/boris-johnson-uk-must-not-return-to-status-quo-after-covid-pandemic

  18. Avatar

    Boris you done all this. You and Hancock when no need for this. You are working for the globalists, elites, all want to control us.

  19. Avatar

    The “virus” has allowed governments to gain a lot of power over their citizenry. Governments rarely release power once they’ve gained it.

  20. Avatar

    Thatcher never got the UK rich to back Britain. Boris will not succeed where she failed.

  21. Avatar

    Bungling buggering Boris, 3 B's you can rely on people 🤦🏼‍♀️🥶

  22. Avatar

    This IS after, Boris. Start transforming!

  23. Avatar

    The only ones to blame for all this is the Chinese government

  24. Avatar
    KeySi Protestanto

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    Hello, I am a student from Bishkek – the capital of Kyrgyzstan, please help to leave the country, who can help financially, and to advise write me please, it is not safe to stay here …

    I will return the money when I manage to find a job abroad and get used to it.

    There is no money, because I did not go to the vote for 1,500 soms ($ 15), I did not go to the vote, the problem of power is far from me in general, but I live in the city center and I can hear shots and sounds from grenades exploding from my windows, smoke comes a curtain of tear gas …

  25. Avatar
    Roy Mustang Ackerman

    Start with that hair

  26. Avatar

    Sounds great but realistically what are you gonna do?

  27. Avatar

    "Britain's more famous liar telling more lies shock!"

  28. Avatar

    Free Penny Lane Ippolito from DHS in fort Collins co…

  29. Avatar

    B.J chatting PURE B.S as usual!

  30. Avatar

    Sounds very much like preparing UK for hard Brexit excused by COVID-19.

  31. Avatar
    Narcissco Capital

    Globalist agenda

  32. Avatar
    Émmanuel Régent

    I’ve had enough of conservatives 🙄

  33. Avatar

    In the meantime, we are busy readying the ever so dodgy vaccine, to be rolled out in November in Birmingham, with the 'assistance' of our wonderful army.

  34. Avatar

    BJ has aged…

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