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Boris Johnson holds a briefing on Covid-19 developments – watch live

The prime minister briefs the UK on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, at the end of a week where large parts of the country have been placed under stricter lockdown

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    So stressful to have a graph described to you but not shown. Can you not turn a camera towards the slides he is showing?

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    Gangsters controlled by communists like Susan michie Doris is anti English and kneels to bill vaccine Gates we are being lied to

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    I see the Johnson Regime has already threatened to ‘intervene’ in Manchester. What does that mean, the military?

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    No one cares a toss now Boris your a dam sham

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    What did n boris Johnson say about school

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    There is no hope. Things will only get worse. Just more threats. Just ever more restrictions imposed on us by compromised/bought criminaI Iunatics. They will NEVER let you take off your masks. You are a sIave now.

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    15:11 : START.

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    Hello Boris !.
    💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 !.

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    I was tested after being ill and high temperature Saturday 10th in the UK took over 3 days to get the result friends and my wife all isolated. Arrived in Milan Malpensa airport yesterday and got result today 24 hours later. Boris we are well behind and you know it grow a pair and sort it out.

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    More lies, control, control, blah, blah, 💤💤💤

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    Just put the places that are high into the high tiers as it's supposed to be if not put the whole UK on lock down for a short time to at least giving older people a chance since they were told they could stop shielding

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