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Boris Johnson forces toughest restrictions on Manchester after talks collapse – BBC News

The Prime Minister has imposed the toughest Tier 3 coronavirus restrictions on Greater Manchester — after talks with local leaders over more funding for the region collapsed.

The government offered to provide £60m to help people who will suffer financial loss as a result of the new measures. However Manchester’s Mayor, Andy Burnham, refused the offer saying it wasn’t enough and people in the region faced “real hardship”.

Boris Johnson responded by unilaterally imposing the toughest restrictions. He said “not to act now” would put the lives of Manchester’s residents at risk.

Under the new Tier 3 rules all pubs and bars that do not serve substantial meals must close. No household mixing is allowed indoors or in private gardens. Casinos and betting shops must shut.

Talks are continuing with the government and local leaders about how much money will be provided to support Greater Manchester’s businesses and residents.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by deputy political editor Vicki Young and Danny Savage in Bolton, one of the areas of Greater Manchester worst-affected by the pandemic.

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    Scumbag Jonhson needs to go.

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    Cut tv licence simple dont need it all money grabbers

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    Why lockdown again? The virus is not as lethal as 6 months ago, eventually it becomes a flu.

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    And this on the very day that the government's own statistics office issued a report clearly showing that death rates are entirely normal and that only a tiny fraction of those who have died since July tested positive for Covid 19.
    There is no second wave. The pandemic is over. We are being conned.

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    Mobbdeepak McMacaveli Shakoor

    Bilderbeg member Billionaire “philanthropist” and founder of CNN Robert Edward Turner III aka Bill turner wants to reduce the population by 2 billion and introduce a one child policy.

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    I wonder if this will be the start of a new English Civil War?

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    Elderly aside, don’t wear a poppy this year, you shame those injured & dead who thought they fought to keep your chains off.

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    They gonna kill a lot of ppl.. it’s gangstalking

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    Pity Boris wasn't this hard on Cummings 🏰

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    Take the 60 mil lol

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    Tony 'the phony' Blair

    Some of the 77h Brigade accounts:

    Katie from Haiti
    John Burnett
    Baba Jaga
    Randomly Inaccurate
    Praxis Alba
    mc 74 Two
    Thomas Am
    Demonetised Sign
    Gareth H
    Robbie S
    Scum spawn***
    Public public
    Mark Da Rocha
    Neil Hawkes
    Joshua Fernandes
    Advocates Diaboli
    Arthur Fox-Aches
    (And all the sexbot accounts)

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    Ayaz baby jharkhand

    बहुत ही दर्दनाक वीडियो प्यार करने वाले ज़रूर देखें 😩bahut hi dardnak shayri💘

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    toybonnie bunny 220 sfm,gmod

    Leave towns alone Boris

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    The dude has become out of control. He thinks he is God.

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    Very strange world .Those supporters of LOCKDOWNS, a good number of them are smokers and eaters of bad food which is killing 100s times more people than this covid big sister of the other coronaviruses.

    These LOCKDOWNs are infact a attempt to save the under funded NHS from more SERIOUSE embarrassment dealing with the covid . They had to lock 65% of the NHS treatments to deal with the covid…at the same many hospitals in the could were semi empty. As deaths from other health problems, poverty and new illnesses
    still increasing since the last LOCKDOWN.

    Other LOCKDOWNS supporters are some people who want to stay at home this winter for 6 months. Living of handsnout. Clapping hands again for the NHS.
    Because some of them are very tired workers over worked for little money. .and having to seat at home again..other work from home…they love this arrangement again they see it a rest.

    This LOCKDOWNs new, norm didn't get rid of the virus. .never will.

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    Tony 'the phony' Blair

    Con vid started just a couple of months after Event 201 took place, Event 201 was a CORONAVIRUS pandemic preparedness exercise. Fancy that ay, a CORONAVIRUS preparedness excercise takes place just before an actual coronavirus outbreak, if you ask me that's highly suspect, “but these exercises take place all the time, it's just a coincidence” the 77th brigade trolls and the gullible say, hmm okay then if you say so.😂

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    Boris Johnson & the Government are the public health issue. 💯

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    Soounds like #Agenda21 aka 2021 is on the horizon – ⚠️

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    This Government is SHITE..it's just lost its Northern Vote…for a piss ant 5 million…ANOTHER..world beater hey Boris boi …🤣🖕🖕🖕

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    Please look at this ***(EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)*** video. This is 4 REAL!!!!!!

    You should COPY this ENTIRE post, so u Don't LOSE this, and u can Look at it Later https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR22dwB7sGhzqdZD9S3c4lpIj9h7gd8r0S7Tuu1tBsHpaR4MucYQ_aCZ0vY&v=XjJomA4NDQI
    News interview https://m.youtube.com/watch?fbclid=IwAR30R3_ZKXhnb4BpCBfLtlQ_sCxsGdFC4g-2EihKqjs-0blt-B93yeUZTmk&feature=share&v=-Ypi1j_1T9A
    This is the video of the AUSTRALIAN WESTALL sighting. These things r REAL!!
    This is the ZIMBABWE Sighting interview the KIDS
    Go to **(16 MINUTES)** into this video, to see the ZIMBABWE sighting
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    All this for just £60M? Thats like a good night in vegas these days lol

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    It seems all of the North of England is facing lockdown under the current government agenda.

  23. Avatar

    Please don’t comply with social distancing, masks or these tier 3 regulations. Show the government f you

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    Old people serve a lot they should need rest to thanks God…

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    We need Mark Collett playing on the Right Wing… XIV

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    Four eyed Dickhead should be chased out the city…..

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    They say Diversity built Britain, but I've never seen a black or a pakistani working on a construction site….

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    Bye bye Manchester it was nice knowing you 👆

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    If the Test works — Why the False positives?

    If the Masks work – Why the Six Feet?

    If the Six Feet work – Why the Masks?

    If all Three work – Why the Lockdown?

    If all Four work – Why the vaccine?

    If the Vaccine is Safe – Why the No Liability Clause?

    If SARS-CoV-2 exists – Why has it not been isolated?

  30. Avatar


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    Boris is punishing his political rivals with this virus. He made this terrible offer knowing it would be rejected because it's not enough.

    Then can use it to blame Burnham for rejected. Just look at this government stooge pretending to be a newscaster framing the issue making Burnham sound arrogant.

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    The flashing sign and recorded voice reminded me of Halflife 2 which is a post apocalyptic, dystopian computer game. Its not coincidence, it's predictive programming since all these themes are in these films.

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    Patriotic Alternative is the emerging voice of the forgotten native British people.

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    Im from Manchester and i can tell you the people are outraged. Ian Brown even brought out new anti lockdown song "little seed" . This is treason on the grandest scale. This will go down as the greatest crime in all of history (if we stop them). Or a dystopian nightmare. The media, big Pharma and goverments have conspired to con the world.

  35. Avatar

    Good! How is boris being targetted when its the labour mayor who is refusing to save lives?

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    They think they will get away with destroying people`s lives. They can`t. They are just putting themselves in a living hell with no place to hide.

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    Why don't #maskwankers crawl around on their hands and knees incase they trip over their own shoe laces? Better to be safe than sorry.

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    Johnson is toast… Sack Cummings, let one of the other edjuts have a go… Or bring back ken Clarke and some of the reasonable Tories. This cabinet is a disaster

  39. Avatar

    It's just seasonal flu that's had its numbers hijacked and weaponised .

    Exactly like happened in 1976 2005 and 2009 fraud pandemics .

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    Oh so that wet wipe Boris just has £60 million lying around…hmmm interesting🤔

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    see england. this is why americans value having guns. anytime the gov gets outrageous and tyrannical like this, we protest and goodluck trying to suppress armed protestors LOL

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    It's the CCP's coverup that has caused coronavirus pandemic worldwide and many people have lost their jobs or even lost their loved ones. For a peaceful world, please sign the petition to end the CCP: https://endccp.com/

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    Mike Covington-cross

    Too greedy. You got spanked. 😂😂😂

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