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Boris Johnson: Donald Trump's tweets could perhaps be more diplomatic

Tory leadership hopeful Boris Johnson has said US president Donald Trump ‘could perhaps be more diplomatic’ in his tweets after Trump used the social media platform to brand Theresa May’s handling of Brexit ‘a mess’. While on a visit to the port of Dover, he also expressed regret over the resignation of UK ambassador to the US, Sir Kim Darroch. Johnson has been heavily criticised by fellow Tory MPs over his role in the resignation
Amber Rudd embraces no-deal Brexit as ministers pitch to Johnson
Trump created a storm over Kim Darroch. Boris Johnson will bring a hurricane | Simon Jenkins

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    😃 Well A Serial Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa by any other name is still A Rapist Mad Orange Umpa Lumpa

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    A 73 yr old grifter can't change! A seasonned mendacity merchant..

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    Labour remoaners are crying because a corrupt Tory was sacked. That's how you know BOJO is winning! 😎👌

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    Who was Foreign Secretary when these memos where sent to London ? Blow me down with a feather, it was Boris !!!

    Boris has "form" and Motivation. "Et tu Brutus"

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    Remainers say they want to stay in the EU to protect jobs and security. But are more than Happy to insult the President of our largest trading partner and military ally something isn’t adding up.

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    Somebody remind me……what was it Johnson said about Trump a couple of years back?

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    Taking back control and handing it right over to the Yanks

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    No, Sir… Oh no Trump can't be more diplomatic because Pres. Carter said it best recently, Trump's an illegitimate President…

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    12 more days and the Guardian can welcome their new Prime Minister, Boris…

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    Spoiled, lying, cheating, spoon fed privileged Scunner. 🤢

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    President Trump is more than enough diplomatic in his Tweets….

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