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Boris Johnson: crossing Channel in small boats 'stupid, dangerous and criminal'

Boris Johnson has said the government intends to work with its French counterparts to try and prevent migrants travelling to the UK across the English Channel following a surge of crossings last week. The prime minister branded these attempts ‘a very bad and stupid and dangerous and criminal thing to do’ and hinted at a possible law change to make it easier to deport people arriving in such a way
Boris Johnson says crossing Channel in small boats ‘dangerous and criminal’
UK plan to use navy to stop migrant crossings is unlawful, lawyers warn

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  1. Avatar

    Can we reuse their boats to escape?

  2. Avatar

    France is a free for all. The guys who do the trafficking make a massive fortune.

  3. Avatar

    So when you said « take back control of our borders » you actually meant that you relied on the EU to take control?

  4. Avatar

    Not the Dunkirk spirit, then?

  5. Avatar

    After Nigel Farage Mentioned it he finally getting to the problem

  6. Avatar

    I bet he’s never seen Dunkirk

  7. Avatar

    The guardian echo chamber.

  8. Avatar

    This lefty comment section makes my skin crawl..

  9. Avatar

    Nope, it's completely legal.

  10. Avatar

    Do something about it then Boris ! If he were a true conservative this would not be happening

  11. Avatar

    That’ll stop ‘em then Boris!

  12. Avatar

    That haircut is criminal

  13. Avatar

    "We need to look at blah blah blahdy blah"…. meanwhile 5000 illegal immigrants later

  14. Avatar

    Blah blah blah blah …….

  15. Avatar
    The Great Black Hope

    If they've come from France, they've already reached asylum and need to be sent back.

  16. Avatar

    We all know it's France who are emptying the trash.

  17. Avatar

    Criminal gangs?? You mean SERCO?

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    Boris is changing after Corona he is now surprisingly competent now

  20. Avatar

    worst prime minister in living memory,totally inept and solely reliant on advice from very dubious advisors.

  21. Avatar
    Eighty-eight percent murder is Black on black

    Just stop it.

  22. Avatar

    He know all about ”criminal”. Grifter

  23. Avatar

    what are you doing about it though Mr Johnson?

  24. Avatar
    tPeter Patten Paten

    The law's already exist ! 1/ They are criminals trying to force illegal entrance, 2/ They are carrying a contagious infection and should be held at sea until quarantined !!! :-)· .

  25. Avatar

    Boris you know your pals in business are making a lot of cash from illegal immigrants , pretend all you want n make empty promises , empty words mean nothing , but people will not forget at the next election , you are on borrowed time in goverment … please remember you are there to serve the British public not yourself n your corrupt friend in high places !

  26. Avatar

    What a load of claptrap

  27. Avatar

    It's pretty obvious France is behind the massive increase in boats coming across remember that sunk a Greenpeace boat in harbour using explosives I bet their funding these inflatables there not cheap

  28. Avatar
    Scott riseborough

    Or their only hope… Perspective

  29. Avatar

    This is negative of Brexit 🤔🧐🤒

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Guardian put the comments on this video to cause controversy 💯

  32. Avatar

    There is a very easy way of stopping this criminal behaviour. I'll give you a clue – it is 9mm wide, costs about 10p a time, and is universally 100% effective.

  33. Avatar

    It will only stop when we are SEEN to be returning these people on a daily basis !!
    Stop mouthing of Johnson and DO SOMETHING!!
    If you don’t this will be your one and only term in office !

  34. Avatar

    I wonder if he and his kind have any idea how the world really works

  35. Avatar
    Hmm Yes Indeed 1997

    Loving how the 'All Lives Matter' crowd have suddenly disappeared when the lives in question are brown people trying to reach a better life for their kids

  36. Avatar

    "We need to look" look now, before its too late and before the situation gets even worse!

  37. Avatar

    The criminal part is the fact that the British government has told the British navy to escort the illegal immigrants to England…and this fool is only talking about it now because the footage of 4 star hotels specifically for illegal immigrants has surfaced and they're running damage control.

  38. Avatar

    He's only mentioning it now because farage has brought it too light he already knew and is allowing it as they are all being put up in hotels an being taken on days out to anfield football club tours.. WHAT A JOKE BORIS GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER

  39. Avatar

    Stop it, we dont want more replacement

  40. Avatar

    its illegal
    grow a backbone and stop this invasion

  41. Avatar

    They'll only stop when the place they live isn't a fking warzone. People don't tend to take dangerous migrations over harsh terrain or rough seas if they feel safe and their needs are met.

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