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Boris Johnson Covid update: PM says new UK restrictions 'necessary'

Prime Minister Boris Johnson gives a coronavirus briefing after large parts of the country comes under stricter lockdown rules. (Subscribe:

Mr Johnson is joined by Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and Susan Hopkins from Public Health England.


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  1. Avatar

    The UK says Boris is unnecessary.

  2. Avatar

    More GAMING !
    In my country we don't trust ppl named BORIS .

  3. Avatar

    Its a lockdown in all but name.

  4. Avatar

    Covid is the biggest fraud committed against humanity. Nuremberg trials anyone?

  5. Avatar

    Will you leave their internet on?

  6. Avatar

    I’m fed up of this clown

  7. Avatar

    Still don’t know anyone who’s caught it, gone hospital with it, died from it fkn rife isn’t it?

  8. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    What’s the point of listening to this useless incompetent clown

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    It’s so simple … if the Tory government had rubbed the neurons in their brain cells in the past decades and understood the importance of investing in public healthcare, we would not be in this mess now. Any government, in any country and in any age MUST base their priorities on three things… humans need to eat, keep healthy and keep warm. The rest follows naturally.

  11. Avatar
    Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos

    Boris the animal

  12. Avatar

    1 term Boris. It's probably for the best, after he's done he can be a decent father to his little baby that he probably conceived to gain favour with the electorate to show he's a regular family man. 👋

  13. Avatar

    if we can catch the people ..

  14. Avatar

    The rich an powerful always try to make the best balanced decision in a national crisis (bar war) You install whatever is necessary to provide the health for the population regardless of cost. The amount spent on the track & trace could gone to low income families esp when offered to have it running for free from NI yet wasted with a faulty outcome. Those who earn 80k making decisions for those on 18k have no idea what life they live. Install local working class people to educate you an show you what is the best way to budget money. We went through 2 WW an recovered that surely were a much higher cost to the economy. Battle down the hatches folks, this ongoing virus War will only esculate in the months to come. Stay safe an look out for others.

  15. Avatar
    Eighty-eight percent murder is Black on black

    A man of truly Lilliputian proportions leading a bunch of parrots, puppets and pygmies whilst his nation crumbles to dust.

  16. Avatar

    Small virus failed large investments in medical science.

  17. Avatar

    The British Donald Trump

  18. Avatar
    James Cornelius Taylor

    Utter incompetence. A national circuit breaker would see more compliance in hotspots who wouldn't feel picked on, and reduce numbers uniformly (unlike the see saw to be) so maybe the pocket lining Micky mouse outfits for track, test,and trace can finally do the task they should have been doing of controlling the virus from the outset.

  19. Avatar

    They do not care about us.
    They do not care about us.
    They do not care about us.

  20. Avatar

    If this virus came from China then why has the world not punish them for this, thousands of lives lost, suicides, homes lost etc etc, China needs punishing for this.

  21. Avatar

    What about access and availability of testing to us commoners outside London? Even his accent is not reassuring.

  22. Avatar

    How about suggesting to the British people that they just use their common sense? Nothing else is going to work.

  23. Avatar

    Can see Cummings has scripted the first 2 minutes of this speech highlighting just how 'well' this Gov has been working with local councils to offer packages and giving them a little pat on the head for being good little servants… How dare Manchester try to defend themselves!


  24. Avatar

    You have to admire their determination to bullshit us every single second of every single day.

  25. Avatar

    Without action our NHS would be struggling??? Ohhh I see so it's just sailing along perfectly without this then🤣🤣

  26. Avatar

    Interesting how they are now calling it an Australian exit. Wherever happened to leaving under WTO rules? Will a journalist pick up on this new choice of words?

  27. Avatar

    Hey is that Donald Trump's brother who is this guy

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