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Boris Johnson confirms Greater Manchester moving to tier 3 after failed talks

Boris Johnson has announced Greater Manchester will be moving to tier 3 measures against coronavirus after talks failed between the government and the mayor, Andy Burnham, over an economic support package for the area.
The prime minister admitted a joint approach had not worked as Burnham called on parliament to intervene

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    Party politics ahead of British lives. One rule for some another rule for others.

    Parliament bar remained open after 10pm till the early hours of the morning, so Tory lads could entertain each other.

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    No not acceptable 😤

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    Is anyone looking forward to Xmas this year?

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    He’s ageing so fast….

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    I don´t understand what´s happening, i´m dominican

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    The prime minister does not care about mental health

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    Gosh, the left rally are in a muddle over this.

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    El lagarto misterioso

    Boris Johnson = BORIDIOT

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    Funny how@thetelegraph turn comments off. One would think they'd welcome the electorate lauding Mr Johnson on their platform.

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    Boris the most hated man on British soil.

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    Daleyza Lee Alayna Boyd

    Hi Boys 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    a living nightmare at the hands of these 'elites'

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    Boris. How about telling your staff to wear a mask??? Also not to drink after 10.00pm

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    No one believes you

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