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Boris Johnson claims no child will go hungry as he 'salutes' Marcus Rashford

Boris Johnson has praised the work of Marcus Rashford as ‘terrific’ but confirmed he had not spoken to the footballer since June. Rashford, who has been leading a campaign on free school meals, vented his ‘despair’ last week as Labour’s plea for free school meals to be extended over the holidays to stop children going hungry was ignored by the government.
Speaking during a visit to a hospital in Reading, the prime minister said: ‘We don’t want to see children going hungry this winter, this Christmas, certainly not as a result of any inattention by this government – and you are not going to see that.’ He defended the government’s position saying that councils had been given extra cash and universal credit had increased
Boris Johnson could offer more support for free school meals
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  1. Avatar

    They already are due to his own policies…

  2. Avatar

    What a pathetic, squirming coward this man is, – why would any normal human being vote for this lily- livered specimen to run their country ?

  3. Avatar

    Some of the comments from lavatories MPs as a justification for not extending free school meals for kids in England have been so morally repugnant and venal they make victorians seem reasonable. This was demonstrated by the fact that after lavatories had voted to starve working class children they then gorged themselves on subsidised meals in the House of Commons. None of this is new. Lavatory greed is rational. They want those living at the bottom end to be in perpetual fear of destitution. This party wants: no pensions, no paid hols, no nhs, no maternity or sick pay, no trade, they want a low wage, low skilled sweat shop economy all of this to keep their lavatory elite cut in on the profits from those at the lower end of society. Shame on those that support this greedy uncaring party.

  4. Avatar

    Boris ‘I am underpaid’ leader of the Nazti party – Tories the natural support of poverty and low pay along with pension cuts for public sector workers. They couldn’t organize a ‘track and trace system’ even if someone’s life depended upon it. Oh and they just had a pay rise to go along with the House of Commons subsidized meals and bar.

  5. Avatar

    Well he'd better keep that promise, because the whole situation's already getting worse.

  6. Avatar

    "Save a quid, starve a kid."

    BoJo in a nutshell.

  7. Avatar

    They why was it voted against smh 0:12, also why is he smirking

  8. Avatar

    Private schools are charities………”they provide benefit to the public” ……..therefore school fees are exempt from VAT.Between 2017-22, it is estimated that these tax rebates will cost the country £522 million.If the Tory party have any intention of “levelling up” and reducing inequality……..perhaps they should stop subsidising the rich and feed the poor !

  9. Avatar
    الناس قناة Hanan Net

    Why don’t put it in law prime minister?!

  10. Avatar
    Seedhill Bruiser Music

    he's such a liar

  11. Avatar

    Rashford your not prime minister yet just stick to football

  12. Avatar

    Has he actually kept his promises as PM ever?

  13. Avatar

    Sorry Boris is living on another planet. Millions of children in the UK go hungry everyday. Google almost a fifth of UK homes with children go hungry in lockdown.

  14. Avatar
    Stephen Mclawrence

    I would like to defend the Conservative record for people that say we don't give to the poor.

    They give lots to the poor, the poor bankers, to the poor multi-nationals, to the poor Queen and her family………

  15. Avatar

    Universal credit sux like most things in uk

  16. Avatar

    What about the shielders that have to go to work we will die SHIELD US

  17. Avatar

    Who understands why they deserved a pay rise? 🤬

  18. Avatar

    I wonder how many of the parents of the children that are going hungry voted for this lying horrible charlatan? I bet they regret it now if they did and hopefully they will learn that politics is a big game for politicians to play, whilst poor people will always continue to suffer under conservative governments.

  19. Avatar

    How can anyone take anything this man says as true,He has no integrity,No respect,No decency!

  20. Avatar
    Hard to Handle wedding band entertainment

    "Let's be absolutely clear" – it's 2020 and politicians still haven't realised we all know what this means.

  21. Avatar

    Omg, so disturbing, this person leading his country to disaster🤔🤔🤔🤔🤯

  22. Avatar

    Boris should give himself the Kurt Cobain treatment

  23. Avatar

    Since when has it been acceptable to leave a matter like this up to a celebrity never has there been a more selfish government in the uk

  24. Avatar

    The sums requires to feed every child properly are dwarfed by the amounts of tax avoided because of Brexit.

  25. Avatar

    I'm hungry now. My dad's died of covid and my mum's lost her job because of covid

  26. Avatar

    remember MP's got a pay rise recently…nurses and kids though? suppose there is no magic money tree, for normal people anyway.
    They've always been the nasty party, why in over 200 years of existence would Tories suddenly care about the working class?

  27. Avatar

    Now Children you need to Test, Trace and eat Dudo burgers

  28. Avatar

    Whilst benefits allow food to be bought, he's badly misread the mood – or Mr Cummings has. I predict an elegant U turn.

  29. Avatar

    News flash, they already are going hungry. Muppets

  30. Avatar

    How dare this man wear a poppy

  31. Avatar

    Sickening to see the level of apathy of this government.The conservative MP's denying school children food won't go hungry on their lucrative salaries and benefits I'm sure.

  32. Avatar

    Worst pm ever…….

  33. Avatar

    "Free School Meals" are not free… They are paid for by us the taxpayer…

  34. Avatar

    The gist of it; Master give's, servant receives. Class narrative reinforced.
    Reality of it; Master hoards, steals, leeches from servants. Calls servant beggar. Class war proceeds.
    No more Tofts.

  35. Avatar

    Why are these mps still in power i know

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