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Boris Johnson announces new one-month lockdown for England

A second national lockdown will be imposed across England from midnight on Thursday with all non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs and leisure facilities to close for at least four weeks, Boris Johnson has said. Speaking at a last-minute Downing Street press conference on Saturday evening, the prime minister told the public to ‘stay at home as much as possible’

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Boris Johnson announces four-week national Covid lockdown in England ►

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    Boris Johnson announces four-week national Covid lockdown in England ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/oct/31/boris-johnson-announces-national-lockdown-england-coronavirus

    UK coronavirus news – live updates ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2020/oct/31/uk-coronavirus-boris-johnson-to-give-press-conference-on-new-lockdown-live-news

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    I support football FC

  3. Avatar

    Why is this government and opposition welcoming so many migrants into our country?

  4. Avatar

    Closing the gyms would be the worst strain on people’s mental and physical health

  5. Avatar

    This should assure Great Britain's rejoining the EU… The globalists seem to be hard at work during this pandemic…

  6. Avatar

    Boris is part of the globalist elite that wants to reset the world. He implements the plan, the same in France … etc The same scenario.

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    Toilet roll shortage incoming again 😂😂 muppet selfish public at work

  9. Avatar

    The pandemic is over. No excess deaths since June – public statistics folks. You are being deceived at a huge and disastrous level. Why are they doing this? If you're not asking yourself this by now…well….take an IQ test, you poor things.

  10. Avatar
    Happy Wheels Fails

    Guys imma move to Alaska, anyone coming?

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    The Dude With Videos

    Why he is acting so dumb lately 😕🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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    LobsterManUnknown •

    Pog for introverts

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    theres is always someone worse off than you .. a tent is only £20 online

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    Danke für das hochladen sehr interessant

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    All the kids at school trying to get more time off their education by coming on these videos talking about their school being open. It so obvious.

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    Rebecca Sanderson

    5 seconds ago on the news: no, go out. We want you to go out we don’t want you to face boredom. Go out just maintain your distancing.
    5 seconds later: stay at home, don’t go out

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    It’s not about a virus.

  18. Avatar

    My heart goes out to all the cancer patients right now. Some will tragically be murdered vy this government and the nhs.

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    Someone needs to tell Boris that COVID does not stop at the school gates

  20. Avatar

    Boris wanted to be remembered for delivering Brexit, instead he’ll remembered for fu*king up the UK economy.

  21. Avatar

    Project the NHS? the same one you’re trying to SELL

  22. Avatar

    When do us younger people fight against this

  23. Avatar

    please donate just £2 ..a British family can have clean drinking water .

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    The difference between Boris Johnson addressing the nation and Nicola Sturgeon addressing Scotland is world's apart.

    He's literally reading a scrip. Like a 1st year reading an essay out in class. So embarrassing.

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    All I know is, if Jeremy Corbyn started his own party right now I’d vote for him.

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