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Boris Johnson addresses virtual Conservative Party Conference

Boris Johnson admitted 2020 ‘has not been the year we imagined’ but insisted the devastating effects of the pandemic would not prevent the government pushing its ‘levelling up’ agenda after Brexit . In an address to the ‘virtual’ Tory conference, Mr Johnson – deprived of his usual interaction with a live audience – said he was ‘working for the day when life is back to normal’, appealing for people not to let the gruelling lockdown ‘get us down’. Nodding to rising Conservative anger about infringement of civil liberties and lockdown strangling the economy, he said he ‘deeply regretted’ the restrictions the government was imposing – but he warned there was ‘simply no reasonable alternative’. Scrambling to reassure those questioning his Tory values, he promised to roll back the state as soon as possible, slamming the idea that the taxpayer could be ‘Uncle Sugar’ and keep funding every part of the economy, and praising entrepreneurs. Mr Johnson also pledged to save the dream of owning a home for a new generation with 95 per cent mortgages, and lashed out at those calling for the country to paper over its colonial past, saying he was ‘not embarrassed’ to sing Rule Britannia.

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    The rantings of a madman

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    Ring piece

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    Looks like he brushed his hair with a balloon.

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    Joke of a man. Be nothing left if we have a year of social distancing. Ready to end it now.

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    Boris is turning into Biden…. hopelessly out of touch with the people… bland, boring and bonkers…

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    Working night and days 😂😂

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    Tory socialism is the worst socialism.

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