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Bolivia readies for long-delayed presidential election

Amid a pandemic and months of political turmoil, Bolivians say a tense calm has taken over the nation as voters prepare to head to the polls on Sunday.
The fraught rerun of Bolivia’s presidential elections comes at a time of deep divisions in the South American country and experts say the contest will be hard-fought – and may be decided in a runoff before the end of the year.

Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports.

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    Bunker Baby dRumph

    The cocaine in Bolivia & Peru is #1 & cheaper than milk, eggs, banana's & meat over there.

  2. Avatar
    தேTE தேTE

    Long live indigenous Bolivians. Che is always with you….

  3. Avatar

    Morales' party MUST NOT win. China will be the biggest victor if it does, not the Bolivian people.

  4. Avatar

    bolivia has strong influence in the region

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    Buy Albino Sulcata Tortoise

    There will be peace

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    Is that an indian translating the news about Bolívia?

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    No one fears walking through the cities of Bolivia but everyone fears walking through the rural (MAS) areas of Bolivia. Who are the racists in Bolivia? The truth is that Evo Morales has instilled his followers with racism to a criminal level. Ask anyone, white or brown, how dangerous it is to walk into rural Bolivia. They will tie you up and drown you is the common saying about walking into the rural areas.

  8. Avatar

    The world going down

  9. Avatar

    One "international observer" organization called the election fraudulent and then revealed that they had an error in their spreadsheet. The popularity of Evo and the fact that he was elected freely and fairly has always been clear.

  10. Avatar

    For all those people who taut Evo as a great leader. Why are the indigenous so ignorant from the fact that they no longer own any farmland. It all belongs to the state now. Talk about pulling the wool over their eyes. All rural land belongs to the state and if you get to keep your home it is at the will of the syndicate leaders which are told what to do by the government. All this could be avoided if they just would pay their taxes. You want a better life in the modern world? Then pay taxes like the city people. The indigenous are so stubborn about not paying taxes which leads them to live a life of poverty. They pretty much have free land and now pay your taxes and get everything else. This is the twenty first century. Pay your taxes and enjoy it.

  11. Avatar
    Fortunato Wenceslao

    American government always gets into foreign government business by influencing or coercion of whoever doesn’t bow to its wishes.

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    2 Indians And 1  Mutant. THERE is no single Bolivian!!!

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