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Bob Woodward: We are in one of the most dangerous periods in American history

Legendary journalist Bob Woodward talks to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer about President Trump’s administration and the response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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    PRESIDENT TRUMP PROVIDED SIGNIFICANT LEADERSHIP DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC which surpasses the leadership that was demonstrated in Europe, North America and Mexico.

    Firstly, RELIANCE ON A CORRUPT NEW NETWORK FOR GENUINE NEWS is like seeking to make a wife out of a crack cocaine prostitute. This CORRUPT NEWS NETWORK HIDES FROM THE LISTENING AND VIEWING PUBLIC THE FACT THAT THE CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL HAVE STATED THAT 94% OF THE DEATHS LINKED TO COVID-19 WERE LINKED TO COMORBIDITIES SUCH AS OBESITY, DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, CARDIAC ARREST AND HEART FAILURE (September 1st, 2020 – MSN News). Therefore, since we know that none of these conditions develop within less than a 12 month period it is certain that these persons who die were walking time bombs who were going to die anyway due to their failures to manage their personal life choices with respect to their physical health. COVID-19 merely took advantage of such persons whose immune systems were weak and unable to cope with the ravages of the virus. To blame President Donald Trump for such deaths is malicious, fallacious and nefarious but the corrupt news network is trying to do it here by a process of inferences when it seeks to compare a politician with a technical advisor in the field of medicine and it is using the word “trust” in the pursuit of a sinister hidden agenda because the true news and facts do not support any claim that President should not be trusted.


    Secondly, as early as January 27th, 2020, President TRUMP LED THE WORLD IN PLACING A VERY STRATEGIC BAN ON ALL TRAVELERS FROM CHINA and on visitors who had passed through China before heading to the USA. As early as March 12th, 2020, President Trump demonstrated sagacity when he also banned travel to and from the European Union much to their chagrin. In vivid contrast to the prudence of President Trump, the USA WAS A WITNESS TO AN ILL-CONCEIVED ATTACK AGAINST THE PRESIDENT WHEN JOE BIDEN ACCUSED HIM OF XENOPHOBIC OBJECTIVES WITH REGARDS TO THE BANS AND PUPPET JOE RECEIVED MUCH SUPPORT FOR HIS NONSENSE FROM TREVOR NOAH AND BILL DE BLASIO.




    History has already absolved President Trump because shortly after his ban Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United Kingdom experienced numerous positive COVID-19 cases and deaths linked to same. Simultaneously, THE HYPOCRISY OF THE DEMOCRATS WERE IN FULL GLARE OF THE PUBLIC WHEN HOUSE SPEAKER NANCY PELOSI WAS TOURING CHINA TOWN IN SAN FRANCISCO IN ORDER TO INVITE THE REST OF THE USA TO RESTART VISITING THAT PART OF THE COUNTRY SINCE THERE WAS NOTHING TO FEAR FROM COVID-19, in her uninformed opinion. At that point in time in February 2020, Pelosi wore no face mask of any kind although it was well documented during the COVID-19 tragedy in China in December 2020, that wearing surgical masks or N95 masks were the norm rather than the exception.





    Thirdly, IN THE MONTHS OF FEBRUARY AND MARCH, 2020, PRESIDENT TRUMP RELIED ON THE HEAD OF THE SPECIAL TASK FORCE WHICH WAS NONE OTHER THAN DR. ANTHONY FAUCI. One of the memorable bit of advice that Dr. Fauci gave the president is that THERE IS NO NEED FOR PERSONS TO WEAR A MASK UNLESS THEY HAVE A COUGH, A FEVER OR THE FLU. Otherwise, he rejected the use of a mask. He also suggested that American citizens should not wear the n95 masks because these masks were desperately needed by the health care officials and he even promoted prosecution of business men who he felt were hoarding these n95 masks. THE APPROACH TAKEN BY DR. FAUCI WAS PREDOMINANTLY ADOPTED FROM THE ADVICE THAT EMANATED FROM OFFICIALS FROM THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (For example, Dr. Christine Francis and Dr. Tedros).








    Fourthly, fortunately, for the USA, PRESIDENT TRUMP IGNORED THE LAID BACK APPROACH OF WHO to the wearing of mask and he activated the DEFENSE PRODUCTION ACT in the last week in March 2020 in order to ensure that 3M manufactured more masks and sell all to the USA. With the same Act he ordered General Motors to manufacture tens of thousands of ventilators. Simultaneously, President Trump provided additional funding to the National Institute of Health Vaccine Research Center in March 2020, in order to achieve a vaccine in accordance with the FDA standards. Cruise ships were also prevented by the Trump Regime from continuing with their normal operations because it became apparent that this industry was hardest hit by the emerging cases of COVID-19.






    Fifthly, NANCY PELOSI AND HER DEMOCRATIC CABAL UNDERMINED THE SAFETY AND WELL BEING OF AMERICANS BY SETTING VERY BAD EXAMPLES DEALING WITH COVID-19. A perfect example of this approach by the Democrats was Nancy’s Salon-gate where the House Speaker was caught red-handed violating the lockdown guidelines.




    The non-wearing of masks during the many protests throughout the country, after the Floyd George police incident went viral, may have caused a major spike in the spread of COVID-19. The protests were downright reckless and the Democrats said nothing to reduce the dangerous circumstances. AT NO TIME DID THE MALEVOLENT MUMMY, BOB WOODWARD, ASK THE DEMOCRATS WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO REDUCE THE SPREAD OF THE COVID-19 DURING THE MONTHS OF JUNE, JULY AND AUGUST, 2020, when there were indiscriminate looting and riots under the guise of peaceful protests.



    Even Dr. Fauci was caught red-handed not wearing his mask and he hypocritically recommended non-gathering at churches while concomitantly refusing to condemn the nationwide marches where masks were not being worn.



    Finally, DURING THE 1ST DEBATE BETWEEN VICE PRESIDENT SPENCE AND SENATOR KAMALA HARRIS, THE MODERATOR PRESENTED FALSE DATA TO SUGGEST THAT THE FATALITY RATE FOR COVID-19 WAS TWICE AS HIGH IN USA WHEN COMPARED TO CANADA. She also gave the impression that the other first world countries were outperforming the USA in handling the virus. That data was downright dishonest because if any decent American citizen makes a neutral check at one of the following reliable and updated websites the following would be discovered.



    CASE-FATALITY RATE (%): USA – 2.8; CANADA – 5.4, ITALY – 10.7; GERMANY – 3.0; FRANCE – 4.6; SPAIN – 3.9; UNITED KINGDOM – 7.6; BELGIUM – 7.1;
    SWEDEN – 6.0; SWITZERLAND – 3.5; AND
    MEXICO – 10.3 (Dated October 9th, 2020)



    CASE-FATALITY RATE (%): USA – 2.8; CANADA – 5.4, ITALY – 10.7; GERMANY – 3.0; FRANCE – 4.8; SPAIN – 3.9; UNITED KINGDOM – 7.6; BELGIUM – 7.1;
    SWEDEN – 6.0; SWITZERLAND – 3.0; AND
    MEXICO – 10.3 (Dated October 9th, 2020)

    Therefore, any reasonable viewer is left to conclude that IT WAS A BLATANT AND MALICIOUS LIE TO USE WRONG DATA DURING AN INTERNATIONALLY WATCHED DEBATE SO AS TO UNDERMINE THE IMAGE OF PRESIDENT TRUMP who is handling the COVID-9 better than all first world countries in Europe. Mexico is not a first world country but its high case-fatality rate makes it a very risky country when it comes to borderless travelling between the USA and Mexico. The Democrats are arguing for that dangerous borderless approach. The truth will not be revealed by any corrupt news network or Bob Woodward.

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    I'm afraid we have reached the point of no return. Democracy is on life support!!!

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    Look! We can't have it both ways. Accusing China of lying and then in the same breath lying yourself about the same Covid problem in the US. US intelligence is based solely on a desired preemptive outcome. A manufactured intelligence.

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    Bob is a double take fake!

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    I’m not going to lie…I believe trump trying to lose on purpose…it’s no way trump can go from 2016 trump to this trump that legit makes no sense in anything he says

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    Bob, you sound like a little whiny old lady. Boohoo

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    In other words, the Republicans party should have impeached the president and try saving whatever sanity they had left.

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    bob woodward hates trump just like you people.

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    The Clinton news network is in the toilet you people do not know what the truth is you are despicable where is the story about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden and all the corruption it’s all coming out and you will not cover it that is why you are the enemy of the people in our fake news.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸trump2020

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    Republicans scared to say anything publicly. Yep home of the brave

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    Politics: the art of using euphemisms, lies, emotionalism and fear-mongering to dupe average people into accepting–or even demanding–their own enslavement.

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    DISGUSTED WITH NBC and all their affiliates (MSNBC etc) for scheduling a Trump love fest at the same time, but after ABC scheduled the Joe Biden Town Hall. DISGUSTED!!

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    The histrionics on this guy. On the subject of Covid-19, might the high numbers be in any way related to a certain popular protest that saw massive crowds in every American city this summer?

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    "I can not tell a lie." – George Washington

    "I can not tell the truth." – Donald Trump

    "I can not tell the difference." – Trump Supporters

    "A pure democracy is generally a very bad government. It is often the most tyrannical government on earth; for a multitude is often rash, and will not hear reason.
    " – Noah Webster

    "Dictatorship naturally arises out of Democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty." – Plato

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    Yeah lol everything is peachy for the rich, anyone else is living in a freaking apocalypse

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    Come on , Biden , you should explain what is all the "email " about , which published by New York Post… You can't always said " it is not true"… come on when come to talk about the national security issues…you need be clear …Come on CNN ..you should reporting Biden corruption news as well 👎👎👎

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    Mr Woodward well said, a respectable person!

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    Biden will win, Trump will claim the election was stolen, refuse to leave. And then it’ll be a swift walk to the final act of this American Tragedy. Bless up!

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    Oculus Nomad’s Lost Tribe

    Raise that love vibration for our brothers and sisters throughout the planet..they want to divide us not just in America but all over the world. We have to find away to reach higher frequency…the low frequency of hate is causing this problem..it may be hard to understand, heck I’m learning myself but I know you are not my enemy..The real enemy are the ones running this planet for profit in order to destroy our kind…Love is pontent but even more powerful when you genuinely feel it for others who don’t look like you or act like you…say it in your heart if you can’t use your words…I love all of you who read this…we are better than you could ever imagine but we have been collectively duped by a much more dynamic force among us…🙏🏻🙏🏾🙏🏿❤️

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    Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild

    This hack is just a paid shill hachetman

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    Yes. The Republican Senators have broken faith with the people they are supposed to represent. If they had divulged their misgivings about the President to their constituents, and carefully laid out the occasions where Trump had displayed his dangerous tendencies, our country wouldn’t be in the mess it is. Instead, they made excuses for his illegal behavior and groveled in base hypocrisy when they had the opportunity to remove the IMPEACHED criminal from office. Their greed and lust for power contributed to the death toll. Shameful.

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    Trump calls it China virus but he knew in January and it is a fact he downplayed it. This is now in his name. A that he does wrong he constantly projects on to other people he can't stand. Hypocrites call Biden "China Bidden" when Trump does…. along with many other childish names. It is really obvious that Trump projects all of him onto other people he is insecure about. He has been so insecure with Obama and Bidden since the first ran for their election. He talked openly and consistently about Obama and made up so much crap that is all factual lies when Obama was first elected and continues to this very day with his obsession with Obama. He has been the actual person to be a (Never Obama) and cries like a baby about "Never Trumper".. very clear projection behavior without a doubt.

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    If Trump cannot win this election he, Barr and Putin are planning to steal it.

    Please, if you care about justice and care for your loved ones and country, don't be distracted by the small stuff….please consider the following scenario and then actual, confirming developments:

    Trump loses the election. He has already publicly established, in his bases collective mind, that for him to lose, the election was patently rigged.
    On cue Barr takes to the podium and announces that the DOJ etc are in possession of confidential evidence, that there has been major electoral fraud. The said confidential evidence was, not surprisingly, gathered by Trumps (in reality, illegal) unilaterally appointed, polling booth monitors. Barr says none of the evidence can be released, as it will potentially compromise their investigations.
    Meanwhile Trump takes to Twitter, reminding he saw this coming, as per his innumerable predictions, and that it was obviously Chinese and hard left wing fascist operatives who are responsible.
    Mainly Democratic citizens react to the setup and take to the streets to publicly protest.
    On cue, Trump Twitters that those aforementioned Chinese and fascist operatives, have now incited chaos in the streets, as an overture to insurrection and takeover. Trump says he alone is prepared to protect American democracy, justifying Barr and Trump sending in controllers (as per their earlier trial runs), and escalate the confusion and violence.
    On cue, again via Twitter, Trump incites and thereby mobilises his heavily armed Grey Coat militia base, Twittering that, totally independent of anyones implied encouragement, his patriotic supporters….the real Americans, are rightly incensed and are understandably preparing to be patriotically pro-active. He threatens, but tactically stops short of, declaring Martial Law, at that stage. If the military are activated by Trump as CIC, he has to have his armed malitia stood down; the last thing he actually wants.
    The pro-Trump civil Police are unmotivated to protect the unarmed protesters and they are totally out numbered and out gunned anyway.
    Trump then Twitters that he hopes nothing bad happens, but that he will gladly administer pardons to patriots defending themselves and rightiousness. 
    The simmering situation is thereby pushed to trigger point, sparking the mass use of firearms and carnage ensues.
    Trump and Barr etc, then stand at the podium, again on cue, declaring a State of Emergency, saying this time there was only fine people on one side….Trumps militia. Trump then formally invokes Martial Law and indefinitely suspends Congress.
    The Pentagon and underlying military personnell, are circumstantially forced to split into two groups; those for Trump and therefore prepared to protect him and keep him in the White House, and those loyal to the rule of democracy.
    The Trump supporting arm of the military then, for all practical purposes, join in with Trumps militia. We then have a Trump supported military coup and America is poised to descend into Dictatorship, with no legally empowered entity, capable of counter lethal force to halt the descent.
    Meanwhile, actual developments in 'real time', consistent with the scenario: Trump knowingly breaches the Hatch Act and stages the RNC on the grounds of the Whitehouse; demonstrating that henceforth it is Trumphouse. In his opening statements Trump refers to being President for the next 12 years.
    Trump instructs that Congress no longer receives updates on potential electoral interference.
    As per 2016, Russia again engages planted rabble-rousers; this time to encourage and ramp up civil chaos in Democratic governed States. Trump obediently follows Putin's instruction to exploit the opening wound.
    Barr begins to mirror Trumps prediction that mail-in voting is going to lead to fraud.

    Good Bye America.


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    Sen. Sasse should be indicted for knowing about Chump's public perjury & not telling the American people.

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    Bob Woodward has by his Judas actions has brought us into in the most dangerous periods of our time.
    30 pieces of silver.

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    "I just made you a lot richer." Pres. Trump at Mar-a-Lago after the tax cut for the rich was passed. He could have said the same thing after giving COVID information he withheld from the public to the rich people, so they could make shrewd investments before the stock market crashed. God, how he wants to be accepted by the people who really are the elite screwing over everyone else. His problem is that he still is the boor who likes cheeseburgers from Queens. Thing is, take out the boor part, and he would have a point about the foie gras and caviar crowd looking down on people who like cheeseburgers because they are not up on the latest Bordeaux choices, the people who like Rascal Flats because they are not familiar with all the recordings of Rossini operas. He could have been the guy to bring together those different segments of society but he refused to take that path. As a result, only one group benefits from a Trump Administration, and it isn't the average people at his rallies to whom he feeds only rhetoric and the over-emoting of a bad actor.

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    Trump screwed the pooch.

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    Appalachian Preparedness

    Fake News from the Communist News Network. Pure propaganda!

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    Grateful that US wants to remain on the no. 1 spot for most cases, India doing better in every aspcect than US.

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