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Bloc seeks official apology for October Crisis detentions

The Bloc Québécois is demanding that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologize on behalf of the federal government for the implementation of the War Measures Act during the October Crisis in 1970 and the detention of hundreds of Quebecers.
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  1. Avatar

    Will they apologize for the kidnapping of James Cross in front of his children? What a memory to see your father had been killed, the last time you saw him the moment he’d been abducted as you played with him in the front yard. Is Bloc Québécois so foolish to think that change will come (besides legislature) in asking for an apology from the son of a then sitting PM?

  2. Avatar


  3. Avatar
    Beastly Endeavour

    Do they want that delivered with real tears?

  4. Avatar

    Bloc u should apologize for making Quebec a hostile place to live for Anglophones.

  5. Avatar

    Could there possibly be anything we care less about at this point? Go ahead an apologize JT….it's the only thing you're good at.

  6. Avatar

    Bloc can’t apologize for violation and kidnapping of indigenous women and children, but they want an apologize for them.

  7. Avatar

    I was 18 in the winter of 70/71, I spent that winter in a radar station at uplands airport sitting alone in a shack watching the runways with a shotgun. Those sons of a bitches kidnapped a British diplomat and murdered a Quebec cabinet minister. No one knew the extent of the uprising or how many were involved, the FLQ had blown up mailboxes and attacked federal buildings in Quebec the war measures act was lawfully enacted to deal with insurgency and I dare any politician who apologizes to do it and see if he gets elected again. People who were not alive can make excuses for the separatists if they want but people who lived through it have a different perspective.

  8. Avatar

    He has nothing to apologize for. We are 1 country and 1 land. If you don't like it get out. His father did the right thing for Canada. The only people we own a apologizes to is the actual native Canadian. We should be joining together not frightening each other.

  9. Avatar

    Go away. It was justified under the circumstances. The stuff they are doing now in Quebec in terms of language laws need an apology to non French speakers.

  10. Avatar

    Canada shouldn't apologize to all the wrong things that happen in the past.

  11. Avatar
    Nicholas Battista

    Just like how Francois Legault said it was concerning that 60% of Montreal business require english, the Bloc likes to live in the past and ignore the present

  12. Avatar

    I am a west coast french Canadian just old enough to have experienced the FLQ crisis. This has nothing to do with
    the past. This is an effort make the Liberals bend to their will instead of the collaboration with the NDP.

  13. Avatar

    I hope the bloc gets wiped out next election. What a joke

  14. Avatar

    ludicrous demand————-they would be demanding an apology if he did nothing

  15. Avatar

    The bloc is just 1 unnecessary bloc

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