Home / News / Blaze engulfs 33-storey apartment block in Ulsan, South Korea

Blaze engulfs 33-storey apartment block in Ulsan, South Korea

A large fire has spread throughout a 33-storey apartment block in the South Korean city of Ulsan. The fire began on the 12th floor before spreading across the building that houses 136 apartments. Seventy-seven people had been treated for smoke inhalation, the fire department said, and the blaze has now been extinguished. The blaze, which broke out at about 11pm on Thursday, was fanned by strong winds.

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  1. Avatar

    Wot? no planes or dancing isrealis?

  2. Avatar

    2020: the year that just keeps on giving

  3. Avatar

    How did that happen?

  4. Avatar

    Cheap building materials flaking away

  5. Avatar

    Well, it does show that asian people only have limited knowledge at all kind of jobs

  6. Avatar
    Sir André LeFae de L'inoge

    The Grauniad – always full of the joys of Spring.

  7. Avatar

    There is no point trying to put that fire out, it’s clear from the burning flames the building was badly built.

  8. Avatar

    This brings back the horror of the London tower block. 😱

  9. Avatar

    I did not see it collapse on its own footprint.

  10. Avatar

    Another grenfell tower disaster?? They're putting these cheap cladding everywhere now?!

  11. Avatar
    A typical white man

    Why is this news? A building going on fire happens every city nearly every hour. Which is fire fighters exist. It's nothing to put news on

  12. Avatar

    Moon jaein do something

  13. Avatar

    As a lady said in an earlier comment that it’s so similar to the Grendel towers tragedy,so right people saying that they can see the cheap building materials?thats the tragedy greed buy unfit materials have the work done by cheap labour and this is what happens no one should be dying in their homes in the 21st century!

  14. Avatar

    COVID warming

  15. Avatar

    Meanwhile on the BBC, a squirrel on a surfboard.

  16. Avatar

    It's wierd I was watching a Ben 10 video game where Way Big was battling a purple Way Big and buildings were also burning like this one👀

  17. Avatar

    Must have a similar coating to Grenfel by the looks of it.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    33 yup, looks like an energy beam. A warning no doubt.

  20. Avatar

    Grenfell Tower v.02? ☹

  21. Avatar

    Oh no, it will weaken the structure and the pancake effect will make it disappear into a cloud of dust 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Avatar

    First step the provoke has done it. In few days we will see war between North Korea and South korea with NATO. We will see last step of the EPIDEMIC 2020

  23. Avatar

    Obviously this happened cause of orange man bad

  24. Avatar

    Was it covered in cladding? Did it fall down at free fall speed into its own footprint?

  25. Avatar
    All-Ten-Teek -Fly-Ryzr

    Conclusion: Buildings only collapse when they are hit by

    Mossad operations.

  26. Avatar

    Looks like the grenfell fire in London

  27. Avatar

    33 floors 😀

  28. Avatar
    MaNa VeSt nAtioN

    It most certainly is a 33 story.

  29. Avatar

    Too early for the New Year countdown.

  30. Avatar

    hope everyone got out safely

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