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BLACKPINK – How You Like That / Yeji Kim Choreography

Choreographer / Yeji Kim
Song / BLACKPINK – How You Like That

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* Since some class videos were filmed before the COVID-19 situation, they may not reflect the current guidelines for reduced student capacity, wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Currently, 1MILLION thoroughly complies with government regulation and practices proper disinfection of the studio.

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  1. Avatar

    miniature blinks

  2. Avatar

    hello, guys. i'm a potato 🙂

  3. Avatar

    Is no one gonna talk about the child with pink top and black pants? She's so precious and swaggy😍

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    Love the teenage girl in blue shirt and camouflage pants at 4:00, her dance move is so clear to follow

  6. Avatar

    Tolong itu mas² nya ya🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    pls upload a dance piece on THE FRENCH REVOLUTION by Lady Gaga…pls.pls pls

  9. Avatar

    Can we have a tutorial??

  10. Avatar

    The dance is wrong

  11. Avatar

    The faded blond hair on the right is the same as Rosé's. They move a lot hardly she moves her head.

  12. Avatar
    Apekshya Chaudhary

    Bruh I swear imma hit blackpink's coreographer one day bruv look at this shot why can't you do this?!

  13. Avatar
    mauada .elonera

    The kids …..cuuuute

  14. Avatar

    To whoever the last person was:
    You go honey, you slayed us all with your presence and we are grateful

  15. Avatar
    Feriel Derouich

    This is actually better than the real choreography

  16. Avatar

    kids half my height be killing it and all I can do is dance like a limp noodle

  17. Avatar
    Урон Малак

    5:05 Boy stupid

  18. Avatar

    ben ne seyrettim OMG

  19. Avatar

    People even younger than me got their hair coloured.. goddamnit

  20. Avatar

    This makes me hate being an introvert

  21. Avatar

    they should do the stray kids good menu dance

  22. Avatar
    Reihaneh Shakiba

    but the main Choreography was better!!

  23. Avatar

    that pretty baby in pink shirt, black pants, black mask, and in braids ❤

  24. Avatar

    when the little kids dance better than you even if you have taken dance classes for years-

  25. Avatar

    I can't believe the kids are dancing soooooooooOooooo good 😭😭while me😭😔

  26. Avatar

    the kids made me owo

  27. Avatar

    when little girls dance better than you and have better clothes than you

  28. Avatar

    the kids look exactly like blackpin-

  29. Avatar

    BLACKPINK please step up for dancing, I mean this CREW has better DANCING 🤩🤩🤑

  30. Avatar

    No one:
    Not even a single single soul:
    Not even the notification squad:
    Lisa's baby's first word: Look at you now look at me eomma!

  31. Avatar
    crybaby yourbaby

    Can all the Karens look at that and see how it's not a big deal to wear a mask???

  32. Avatar
    Unknown Goddess

    Ok🙄 mask are due to covid 19😂

  33. Avatar
    Audrey kamajaya

    One kid is missing the dance

    She's wearing pink sokcs and black mask and have 2 pony tail

  34. Avatar
    awsm screen, awsm camera long lasting battery life.

    5:10 he is so cool

  35. Avatar
    UwU-ちゃん UwU

    Vengo de twitter :vvv

  36. Avatar

    Even the kids can dance better than me.

  37. Avatar

    No me.gusto! Cambiar la coreografía que horrible

  38. Avatar
    Shaira May Minguito

    This choreo is much better than the original

  39. Avatar
    Keshma Francois

    The first one in the front dressed like Billie not comparing tho

  40. Avatar
    너무 래드CanIHaveAJoe

    Shit these kids are better at dancing then I’ll ever me

  41. Avatar
    Kristine Cindy Bejada

    Amazing choreography from yeji jim🤩🤩👏👏

  42. Avatar

    Will everyome ignore that a kid had all her hair dyed of blond? I think is horrible to dye kid's hair… 🤦🏻‍♀️

  43. Avatar
    Милана Ивлеева


  44. Avatar

    Red haired girl just slayed it.. woooow

  45. Avatar

    Please 1 million, upload a tutorial of this 😭

  46. Avatar
    Park Jimin 박지민 french armyy

    Me watching this at 05:02 am and watching the blue haired guy twerk (5:35) 👁👄👁

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