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Black Lives Matter UK gain legal status and access to £1m for the cause

The murder of George Floyd in America led to global outrage about the treatment of Black people at the hands of police. (Subscribe:

Since then the Black Lives Matter movement in the UK has called for change. Now they’ve got more than a million pounds for the cause.
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    Black lives matter, what about my life?

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    Your funding with your tax money, people who just want to defund the police.

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    0:45 she has the "I hate white people" look about her

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    Sorry C4N, who has been found guilty of the murder of George Floyd? As the people involved in his death are known, until there has been a trial and verdict with one or more of them being convicted, there is no murder only an accusation.

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    waste of money, such a weak country

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    These people are deluded the concept is sound but the organisation is creating more racism and division rather than bringing people together. We cannot erase the past and the past is a lesson we can learn from, it was different culture back then and comparing then to now is wrong cultures change with the times. This isn't america our police force does the best it can and in all pockets of this country, communities are a small minority who are in the wrong this is just a fact of life. Critical race theory is wrong and should not be promoted, the UK is a respectful country who accepts people for who they are and we should not be ashamed of our past as it is the past and lessons have been learned.

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    I wonder how long until money goes missing again…

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    Hold on did anyone see the list of demands an the amount of racism this has actually caused everywhere you are deciding us all money should be spent uniting us not deviding them all lives matter we are the United Kingdom for a reason

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    Pangolin Steak & Bat Gravy

    Wonder how Id go if I started up White Lives Matter? Id be called a waaacist!

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    Why are you still calling them Black Lives Matter when their name is Black Liberation Movement. Hardcore Marxists out to undermine British society and culture. Their actions to date should cause them to become a proscribed organisation.

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    Awesome! 👏

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    I'm a humanitarian, but apparently it makes me a racist if I say 'all lives matter'… 🤷‍♂️

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    Outrage over a convicted armed burglar being killed 4,000 miles away?! Over 80 people (all black) were killed in the Gubio massacre, 4,000 miles away, in June. BLM said nothing about that.

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    Cue Gammonflake outrage and meltdowns

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    BLM was a small organization that has been exponentially uplifted due to the troubles in America, UK, etc.
    It looks to me that they are still expanding, due to the awareness of injustice, that has become obvious during pandemic times, of black citizens being constantly harassed by a cultural fallacy of the race superiority.
    The time has come for the organization to publish their manifesto, in order to express their views, morals, ethics, code of conduct.
    In other words, if this is about fattening the pockets of those that wish to profit from the suffering of others, we will fall prey to another unethical group that has watched our citizens being brutalized so that few can buy mansions with the money collected during this times.
    Sounds fair enough?

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    Steve Whitecliffs


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    Yeh they had to change their name to black liberty matters because BLM is A RACIST TERRORIST organisation 😁

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    Political groups can get money? What other political groups gain money? This is shocking to me.

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