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Black History Month: George Floyd's son speaks exclusively to Sky News

Quincy Floyd tells Sky News that he can’t stop watching the video of his father’s last moments alive.

George Floyd was killed by a police officer in Minneapolis in May this year.

His son also spoke about the grieving process with Neville Lawrence, the father of Stephen Lawrence, who was murdered in a racist attack in southeast London in 1993.

His interview featured in a wider debate centred on Black History Month – watch it in full here.

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Sky News videos are now available in Spanish here/Los video de Sky News están disponibles en español aquí

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  1. Avatar

    Oh go away already. I bet sky news loves this

  2. Avatar

    They should not teach black history in school. It's just generalising on one race. What about other colours?

  3. Avatar
    Big Lenny's Pool Party

    Sky gets all the celebs

  4. Avatar

    I bet these comments get turned off soon

  5. Avatar

    They could have a black history afternoon, God knows how they are going to stretch it to one month. They invented fire, the end.

  6. Avatar

    The only racial division is the one that is continuously fuelled by the mainstream media and their allies

  7. Avatar

    Floyd was a VIOLENT criminal. So……..

  8. Avatar

    Since all properly educated people know George Floyd died from a self-inflicted overdose all we can do is deduce that Sky News is a propaganda machine for communists.

  9. Avatar

    I get pulled over by the police everyday and I’m white so don’t fill people with crap

  10. Avatar

    26:04 has he bleached his skin?

  11. Avatar

    He died of a drug overdose and while sitting in his own car he complained that he couldn’t breathe lool stop listening to MSM trash!

  12. Avatar

    R U B B I S H ! BLM are Marxist filth who wish to "de-fund the police" and are "against the family unit".

  13. Avatar
    sorry, but I don't believe these lies any more

    ░█▀▄▀█ ░█▀▀▀█ ░█▀▀█ ░█▀▀▀   ░█─── ▀█▀ ░█▀▀▀ ░█▀▀▀█
    ░█░█░█ ░█──░█ ░█▄▄▀ ░█▀▀▀   ░█─── ░█─ ░█▀▀▀ ─▀▀▀▄▄
    ░█──░█ ░█▄▄▄█ ░█─░█ ░█▄▄▄   ░█▄▄█ ▄█▄ ░█▄▄▄ ░█▄▄▄█

  14. Avatar

    It was sickening to see a police officer kneel on the neck of a human being with rights,with arrogant pride as though he was from those who think themselves the master race.Disgusting and worse still,if not filmed those police officers would not be charged for murder but still policing.
    In the UK people standing around would be arrested taken to trial and sent to prison for the crime of joint enterprise.So hopefully those police who just stood there and didn’t help the victim will go to prison.
    As in the UK and US,everyone is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

  15. Avatar

    Sky stop deleting my comment the first recorded slaves were WHITE Irish people

  16. Avatar

    dont do drugs ok?

  17. Avatar

    Fentanyl is a hell of a drug.

  18. Avatar

    Haha every comment i make gets deleted, truth hurts.

  19. Avatar

    Floyd was a lifetime criminal period. He committed suicide. Wheres my check dad

  20. Avatar

    What is that tattoo on George Floyds chest? 🤔

  21. Avatar

    All the drama. Flloyd is a criminal, not a hero.

  22. Avatar

    Sky News is Garbage 🗑!!!!

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Tired of being told I am required to care about George.

  25. Avatar

    The store Floyd died in front of ,Cup foods, is a known drug and gun trafficking spot. Not a Saint but still didn't deserve to die like that. The owner was arrested in the 90s on gun trafficking out of the store. They switched the deed to his brother, and have been serving crime in the area ever since.

  26. Avatar

    Floyd was a thug.

  27. Avatar

    Sigh, more divide and conquer tactics

  28. Avatar

    He died of a drug overdose

  29. Avatar

    Daddy shark lifted from water…… I can't breathe do do do do do do do do do

  30. Avatar

    He wasn’t innocent

  31. Avatar

    George and the cop got along look

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