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Black Desert: Hashashin – Official Trailer | PS4

New Class Update on Black Desert!

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  1. Avatar

    Thumbnail looks way too much like Don Lemon.

  2. Avatar

    Black Dessert? 🍮🤯🤯🤷🤷‍♀️

  3. Avatar

    finnaly a blACK HERO

  4. Avatar

    Is it like mixture of prince of Persia and assassin's creed

  5. Avatar

    Someone make a tenchu game please

  6. Avatar

    There is tekh bahasa indonesianya ps5

  7. Avatar

    Why is that when a black character comes out.. they always feel the need to use Black in the title SMDH!

  8. Avatar

    He needs a video game all by himself.


  9. Avatar

    I am so hyped of this new Hashashin'sh shreed

  10. Avatar

    Black dude wit a fade….. it’s time..

  11. Avatar

    An excessive reach for diversity

  12. Avatar

    My new pet peeve is black characters with ridiculously clean haircuts in worlds without clippers..

  13. Avatar
    Gabriel Marques


  14. Avatar

    game could be so much better than the grindy mess its in

  15. Avatar

    This looks super dumb

  16. Avatar

    That's some squishy concrete steps he stepped on…cmon animators get it right

  17. Avatar

    So that’s where Starkiller went

  18. Avatar

    Fix your game

  19. Avatar

    Since he is middle Eastern, does that mean he has companions? They need 100 in order to fight.

  20. Avatar

    Black Prince of Persia

  21. Avatar

    0:10 ноги в ступеньках!!! 2020!!!

  22. Avatar

    Hashashin special ability is they get bonuses if their team mates are under 18 🤔

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Sooo..does he know the wae?

  25. Avatar

    Hashashin is a Arabic word mean a men take a drugs

  26. Avatar

    Why did i read it as hashinshin 🤣😂

  27. Avatar

    Black desert. 😂 yeah ok!!

  28. Avatar
    Camil Abi Najem

    Did they seriously name this "the ones who smoke weed" in arabic? Lol

  29. Avatar

    Hmmm, I thought there already was a certain series by Ubisoft that was based on the Hashashin…

  30. Avatar

    Juste onze number « 300 »

  31. Avatar

    Looks like Prince of Persia

  32. Avatar

    When you mix xerxes with prince of persia

  33. Avatar
    Leighton Kennedy

    Definitely will NOT be playing this trash.

  34. Avatar

    Hashashin? This is the most stupid character class name ever…

  35. Avatar

    No entendí un carajo

  36. Avatar

    Оптимизацию ещё бы завезли на PS 4 и вообще норм=)

  37. Avatar

    Let me get a line on the barber tho my G!

  38. Avatar

    Can we get this class on Mobile?

  39. Avatar
    Phantorios Ultimatos

    when does it come in europe ? ^^

  40. Avatar

    Hashashins creedsh

  41. Avatar

    parang lashing lang eh tsk

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