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Billionaire critic of COVID-19 restrictions says Canada let her skip travel quarantine

Liz Uihlein says she and two other U.S. executives were granted a special exemption from Canadian quarantine rules for a 36-hour business trip to the Toronto area.
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  1. Avatar

    Uline is a huge rip off money grab! Way over priced! they are cash grabbers

  2. Avatar

    Ms Liz is right. It's BS. That's why it doesn't matter.

  3. Avatar

    Did they just do some minor journalism?!?!

  4. Avatar

    Public health is only for the pleebs, it would seem…

  5. Avatar

    I am not upset that they were exempted from the quarantine, they were helping the Canadian facility. I am upset that they refused to wear mask while visiting Canada. This is simply disregard of the Canadian law.

  6. Avatar

    After just coming out of my 5th 14 day quarantine I feel like a smuck when I hear stories like this.

  7. Avatar

    Yep, rich people are immune to covid—all governments know that. 🙄

  8. Avatar

    Never purchasing anything from Uline again!

  9. Avatar

    What difference does her political leanings make. CBC making a big deal that they are Trump supporters. If they supported Biden they wouldn't have even mentioned it. Actually they woudn't have even aired the story. Typical liberal narrative

  10. Avatar

    The media is hyping up the fear. Left wing governments are losing support from the public and in a pathetic attempt to stay in power they must tarnish the reputations of Republicans and conservatives governments in the handling of this over hyped pandemic.

  11. Avatar

    Vassy probably had to double check she was supposed to read this lol. " I wont get fired right? Promise? Ok this looks bad for our benefactor um I mean liberal government"

  12. Avatar

    Seems those arriving on private planes / jets don’t have to quarantine …. athletes and celebs too.

  13. Avatar

    Please let it have been Blair!! Time for old Billie to go lol

  14. Avatar

    Remember Scheer being grilled for not wearing mask at an airport? How does this compare? Who's the (hippopotamus crate) now?

  15. Avatar

    Least they giving it back to the Canadian Economy (by going out to eat, drink and to have fun in Toronto and the Milton area)

  16. Avatar

    Whoever let her in should tell this cow to leave and go back to her Dear Leader,Trump.She should not get any special treatment because she's rich and even more so because she funds Trump.She's a Covid19 denier,we don't need people like her in Canada.

  17. Avatar

    Typical Liberal hypocrisy, someone gave the okay

  18. Avatar

    More proof this was never about a virus. It is about suppressing the societies you don’t have to live in. Whole thing a lie.

  19. Avatar

    Its not surprising billionaires multi millionaires and people with money that fly into Canada or USA or most any country on private jets. Don't even go through regular customs like anyone else. Money talks really nothing new here.

  20. Avatar

    That's silly you Liberal government.

  21. Avatar


  22. Avatar

    I find it amazing that they would decline a person who wants to travel for a funeral, but approve someone who essentially wants to "check-up" on the state of an office building…

  23. Avatar

    It's obvious those officials are covering each other. This is not accepted.

  24. Avatar

    Money talks……. 2 laws of hypocrisy 1 for poor 1 for filthy rich 💰💰💰💵

  25. Avatar

    Would this even be a story if it had been Democrat supporters?

  26. Avatar

    Of course they were. So was BLM with the riots. Don’t be a sheep people! 🐑🐑🐑

  27. Avatar
    Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming!

    Stop the insanity! When are people going to learn we have the power.

  28. Avatar

    This is the type of elitist behavior that put a fermented orange 🍊 into the presidency south of border.

  29. Avatar

    She is right covid19 is overblown I like her

  30. Avatar
    Stephanos MacAoidh

    I was wondering when stuff like this would start to come about. It was only a matter of time before foreign owners of multi-national businesses start to say "enough is enough", and start using their own power to flaunt the rules.

    Do I care? Nope. Why? Contact tracing will be very simple with many of these people. They aren't here to mingle with the crowd. They are here to get some business done, and maybe stay a night or two tops, kind of deal. This is why government likely let them through on an exception. Kind of like the sports leagues, so long as their business is very direct and return as fast as possible, it should all be mostly fine.

    People who are on about the masks… The only mask that will actually protect you is going to be a full seal mask. This isn't an argument. The cloth and fabric based masks are only so effective. If you want to actually be protected without any concern for yourself at all, you need a full face mask with a proper seal. No if's and's or but's. Don't like it? Too bad, deal with it.

    That's not to say the other masks don't help at all. But like I said, they are only so effective. So it's a non-argument. But this is the internet, and 80% of humanity is only of average intellect or less. So….

    I expect some dumb replies to this.

  31. Avatar

    Covid911 is an inside job

  32. Avatar

    Is anyone shocked by this story ?

  33. Avatar

    Canadians don't need the government to stand up yo companies that dont care about us. BOYCOTT ULINE

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar

    Why am not surprised by this at all? No rules for rich people.

  36. Avatar

    I no longer need my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  37. Avatar

    Normally people wouldn't give a flying fiddlers f~ck. But some Karen couldn't help themselves. What I find more shocking than the actual story here, CBC has the comment section turned on. What's up with that?

  38. Avatar

    Typical CBC can't stop talking about Donald Trump but barely a peep of Trudeau's Scandals and proposals to spend and tax Canadians without end. But hey I guess if the government has you bought and paid for then it's all good.

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