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Bill Gates on vaccine: Not everyone will be willing to take it right away

CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Bill Gates discuss the state of the coronavirus pandemic in the US and which Covid-19 treatments in the testing phase could be promising for widespread use. #CNN #News

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    There is a question in plain sight that no one is asking……….

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    If you want to know how many stupid people there are in the world just look at the comment section of CNN

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    douche bag(s)

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    I used to llistened to you and respected you fmuc for your fair coverage, but now, you' became nothing more than left wing propaganda, sad!!

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    Trump was coughing on his call today…he needs to go back to feeding those raccoons in the WH…his tweeting sounds very much like a man going crazy because he is losing and will be in jail soon…maybe he infected his loyal Dr Conley too 🤣🤣

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    Nothakaaka Blikethebzz

    Why does this rich duck care so much? Is like to know what vaccines his family had taken

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    Who gives a s@#$ about what bill gates thinks..

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    Nothakaaka Blikethebzz

    Will he be held liable for injuries caused by his vaccines?

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    Is Bill Gates a doctor now? Wtf is he doing? Hearing his voice gives me the creeps.

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    I’ll let trumpsters take it first. However, if trumpsters take the shot, it’ll make the trump cultists look weak. Lol! Don’t worry trumpsters, we already know you’re weak. You drank the kool-aid.

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    I have one simple question. What makes Bill Gates an expert? He's not a doctor or scientist. Media primadonna.

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    All Bill Gates is concerned about is making billions from pumping toxins into the general population, in the hope that it kills a large majority of them. How does he know what doses were given to Trump? – just guessing, not factual info. Once 20% of the sheeple who have been because they have been terrified by MSM, take the vaccine, they are hoping the rest will follow. Vaccines are not a cure – therapeutics are the way to go. Gates is not a doctor and I would not listen to anything he is spouting – check out the fact that vaccines given to children in Africa and India ended up killing many. Gates will go to Gitmo shortly for crimes against humanity, along with complicit Cooper Anderson, who is part of the evil system.

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    WHY does Mr. Population Control think he’s qualified to offer his opinion on vaccines? Oh, wait…

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    Bill Gates r U a politician or businessman,,

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    Blondine Anthony

    Gates not a Medical Doctor and all his VACCINES need to be taken by his family members. By the way, please stay out of AFRICA and go to your homeland and give the vaccines to people that looks like you.

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    Just goes to show the difference between Genius man and stupid president.

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    Still don't get why Bill Gates is talking about vaccines??? He is not an epidemiologist, He is not a medical practitioner, so why is he so involved? Why does CNN repeatedly bring him up to talk about it? Something smells fishy here….

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    I bet bill (fakes) and his family wont take this shit.. I dont know whose the biggest liar trump or bill this (PLAN)DIMIC is unbelievable.

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    I am so frustrated and mad at my parents right now. I have been injected 3 times in my life when I was a little kid because I had no idea what was happening. I have also had а tidal glucose at the hospital.

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    We had flu vaccines for over 60+ years, how do we still have the flu? CDC stated (at one point) C-19 mutates every 90 days wouldn't this rushed vaccine be obsolete anyway? Idk. Bill Gates is the expert on this virus and vaccine and has nothing to do with it? Lmao

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    You better take it slave. Just kidding, but that sounds like something Biden/Harris would say. Trump 2020.

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    Captain Bienvenue Canadian Avenger

    Mr. Rogers wants to vaccinate you, and take your temperature.

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    God has a plan…he see the devil plans and thats why he got kids at home with their families cause of the catastrophes about to happen on earth that people don't see coming….and by the way…did anyone see how it said everyone won't take the vaccine rt away….leave that poison alone people….God told me in April the vaccine is contaminated…..wake up…stay woke….

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    What’s so funny bill ?

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    Why are you talking to Bill Gates about this? What does he know about infectious diseases? Nothing. He's not the genius of our time. He's now a ridiculously wealthy man. This makes me sick. Take to the real scientists Anderson.

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    If a Trump pushes it it's deadly.
    I decline.

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    Apparently none of the Trump haters believe in the sciences, they keep telling people not to take the therapeutic therapies or the vaccine so they won’t be taking it. Why bother explaining it. Hide what? you can’t see what’s going on in the world ! It’s not just a American virus ! The doc tried , he even lost his voice trying , yet the hate for trump silenced him.

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    Such a smart and rich guy but horrible and most annoying speaker ever…you figure a smart guy like this would recognize how many times he says "uhhh" "Ahhh." Gosh so frkn irritating I can't even listen anymore…

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    CNN and Anderson Cooper where is your sensitivity? Bill Gates has been a constant advocate for depopulating the Continent of Africa through vaccines so why would anybody want to listen to him on this subject. Truth is no one expected Gates or his wife to "grab the mic" on this subject, but "grab the mic" they did. In this meglomaniac there is little trust that his aim is for the greater good of all mankind. Gates and his vaccines be damned.

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    No to the Gates vaccine 🙄. Gates has made enough money.
    Why don’t Mr&Mrs Gates just go and play with the traffic.

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    NEWS FLASH , Infections of COVID-19 for the last 24 hours;
    Australia =25, New Zealand = 3, Taiwan =8, South Korea =69, Norway=209, Thailand =7, Vietnam =3, Singapore =9, Hongkong =18, Egypt =121.
    Total population = 390 million.
    Total infections = 742

    USA infections = 56 652
    population 330 million

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    The Bill Gates Effect: WHO’s DTP Vaccine Killed More Children in Africa Than the Diseases it Targeted –

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    Note they also gave President Twat Vitamin D and Zinc which actually have very successful clinical trials … in other countries. Its just that Big Pharma can't rape you for price on those so they try to hide those. People who are very sick getting vitamin D big dose a couple of times were reduced to like 1% going to intensive care … i mean thats your body curing you, immune system stronger. Sure, if you can afford the other therapies go hard … but they hide these studies and press forward with studies that show little to no benefit?

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    Here I am thinking that this guy was exemplary. He could not keep a straight face. Way to go, Bill Gates! You've lost a fan. I will never buy anything with Windows on it.

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    His fortune and his talent?????? What talent??

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    Yada, Yada, yada…. why would anyone listen to Gares who doesn't have any background in medicine?
    There are so many medical doctors and scientists all over the world who are speaking about THE VIRUS, the pandemic and their voices are being constantly silenced.
    Why don't you listen to them you freak?
    Fasci and CDC don't have some magic " knowledge " other experts in the entire world don't have . Well, unless they have for some mysterious reason…
    They are not almighty gods.
    F…k off CNN and Gates.
    Leave the f…k people alone.

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    Globalists democRATS gonna tear down usa

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    Lets see all the tin foil heads/Anit mask Karens go down on the comment sections.

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    @CNN stop putting rich ppl on like Bill nobody cares what he has to say.🤦‍♂️

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    Our lord and Savoir is very disappointed in our compliance. Get back in line 🐑!

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    Why don’t we check in and see how many people have died of walking pneumonia pneumonia see how many cases every year there are of them that people have died over I know my father died of pneumonia

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    Look at these two people. No way Evil. The devil has them.

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    Baby Aqua Official account gate keeper

    It takes 5 years to make a vaccine NOT A couple months!

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