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Bill Barr responds to what Trump said about him on Fox News

In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Attorney General Bill Barr responded to Trump’s comments on Fox News about investigating former President Obama and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

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    What kind of drugs is Wolf on? Fair I can’t stop laughing now I have to go to the ER

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    Barr is playing dumb…we are to smart Barr we smell you!

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    William Barr is well-suited for Donald Trump's group they're all full of b.s & a bunch of horrible people not a shred of decency ethics empathy or morality in the lot

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    It is deep seeded in law when it comes to the mistreatment of African Americans. And he's lying through his little teeth. It is a racist. He must be wearing a blindfold and refuses to remove it. He's a Trump-pet.

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    AnUnperfect Circle

    That smug smile says everything

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    Nice try ass h

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    Bill does not understand what systemic racism is. The fact that Blacks are treated as more suspicious leads to them being stopped more often. The more stops, the more likely there will be an arrest or detainment – either due to what the police officer may have initially been stopping them for or because they did not complete something satisfactorily during the interaction. Whether they are convicted of something or not due to that interaction, it affects the person. Police will be even more likely to stop them in the future and suspect them even more of wrongdoing. Other people will see them as even more suspicious and may even see them as a criminal whether they were convicted or not. They themselves will not trust the system, will feel that they are not meant to be a beneficiary of the system, and may even feel like they are a criminal. This leads to a cycle that feeds into the stereotype that Blacks are more suspicious than other people. But racism is more than stereotyping. It is about using power of position to oppress a group of people based on their race. Systemic racism is when an institution is used to do that. So even though he points to Black officers doing it too, he's not disproving the point. Those officers are still part of the institution, and as long as they buy into that structure that oppresses, they are part of that racism.

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    Another Trump slithering crook with only his personal interests in mind.

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    Pigs just shot a 18 yold https://youtu.be/Mr7RkgWtTbA

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    The fact that you have a country that would allow statues to be displayed honoring men who fought to keep black people enslaved says everything. I don't care what any of these politicians try to deny with their statistics. America needs to get its act together. If ALL LIVES MATTER then act like it. There are no statues honoring Hitler because of his heinous acts against people so why are we allowing statues of men who committed genocide against black people to be up in this country, and then getting angry when they are torn down? They should have been removed by our current leaders who claim that this is not a racist country.

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    Help your cat to drive.


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    Wolf is not smart enough to interview anyone . And talking to Barr is useless he is a tool of trump

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    Death penalty for Barr

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    The police do not treat people as individuals but as suspects until they reasonable believe no crimes have been committed, especially when that individual is non white! To believe otherwise is being blind to the problem! Cops definitely seem more fearful when they are confronting a non white person.

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    This is sooo creepy. This democracy in America is toast if Trump wins the 2020 election. Understand this. The president controls two thirds of our government and the Republican Senate refused to uphold the constitutional duty to be the third branch of government by not convicting the president of obstruction of congress. This president can do whatever he wants. He can blind the eyes of congress by not giving them briefings on Russian meddling in the 2020 election, not that the republican senate would do anything. This is getting bad fast and I hope this country can hold up under the strain and volatility of a desperate president looking at almost assured prosecutions of him and his family criminal enterprise by the state of New York. In November we will see what kind of country this nation really wants to be besides the fake flag waving patriots that’s fuzzy on the constitution for all it’s citizens.

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    Trump 2020 😎🇺🇸

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    Bill Barr continues to protect racist police officers why?

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    Amazing how Barr can sit there and believe he is reputable as attorney general under trump, the most corrupt president we have ever had. He needs to be impeached!!! He has dismantled any trust we have held onto in our legal system. What a bloated inflated image he has of himself. Arrogant asshole.

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    America! Hide Your Face ln Shame. The world is watching this dishonest little man make a mockery of truth, justice and the Rule of Law, with the smirking cllusion of the Corrupt Senate.

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    This is unusual for CNN. They actually posted a fair interview. Barr is the adult in the room.

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    How many African American police officers kill unarmed white people.

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    He wants a spanking.

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    Focus to vote out Trump !!!
    Go Vote 🗳Go Vote 🗳 Go Vote 🗳 Go Vote 🗳!!!!!! 2020 Vote Blue 💙💙💙

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    stereotypes are an unconscious bias

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    Barr is smart as a whip, you can tell he was a top tier student of law. Why? Cus he’s good. He knows his argument and will execute his interpretation of the subject given well. I think he’s gone in too deep.Hes in for the ride. The man is sharp as a whip, he knows trump is an imbecile, but it’s too late to jump ship. It’s like he’s adopted the Japanese bushido code of honor. Fight till the end, till the last man till the last bullet. To surrender is utter shame. The fucker went all in and he’s hoping trump gets re-elected. That’s when the real damage comes. Smh what a bunch of ducking half wits.

    Ps. Fuck Obama lol, fuck trump, and most of all FUCK the dnc. Bernie could of done great things. Fuck you!

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    Bill Bar could never be the greatest AG in this reality

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    Bill Barr lacks testicular fortitude.

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    It’s so hard for some White people to admit that they have two systems put in place. One for blacks and one for whites. White man kills to protestors oh he was defending himself. Give me a break

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    What a freaking joke this man is! A man was shot 7 times in the back w/0 weapon visible nor one being used in a threatening way! It's truly gross having to listening to him while our democracy die's under the Drumph administration!

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    Taking a glance at the comments I almost thought I got lost and ended up on Fox News Blvd. 90% of what Barr says here is absolutely an uncomfortable truth. Me being more worried when a group of black men walk behind me at night compared to any other color is not racism. I call it reality and you're damn right my kids are going to know it too. Not everyone has the luxury of living in the clouds (Seattle).

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    Why are the anchors wavering and not ask pointed and direct questions??

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    "Due Process" something Democrats know nothing about unless it comes to them only! Racism isn't alive and well the fact is that crime in many black communities is thru the roof creating a stigmatism that the odds do go up that you may encounter trouble if you walk into a black community! Kinda like if you walk to an active volcano you might get blown up. Doesn't make you racist against the volcano for saying it's dangerous the fact is the volcano is dangerous

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    Wolf just couldn't or choose not to confront him deeply enough on the issue. He safely and simply barely scratched the surfice. Even Wallace from Fox news would have done a much better job.

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    Trump 2020 stand for the constitution and for are rights and freedoms. We can't let biden win. He's been in politics since the 70s and has only added to racism. The guy is a joke and can't remember what today's date is. God Bless America. In jesus name! 💯🤜🤛

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    Bill Barr looks like the baby from the dinosaurs show. "Not the mama!" I wish his fat ass gets a new pair of glasses.

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    Anyone who dances around an easy direct question like those is either hiding something or really feeling pressure 😂

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    Phenomenon…..it’s factual statistics say black males are pulled over more!

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    He was corrupt and crooked under George Bush Sr, and he continues to be 30 years later. Would have never been appointed as AG again under any other president.

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    The mob boss says your his criminal boy!!

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    I bet half of you didn't even listen to what he said because you hatred blinds you from seeing or understanding the pure logic this man was saying smh sad

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    Demonization of racist police officers is needed, we should prosecute such officers. Protecting racists officers gives the police departments and whole trump administration a bad name..it makes people believe tromp administration stands for and supports racism in America….the facts is both right and left believe that trump administration fully supports racism. Left hates it and right loves it.

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