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Bikers flock to enormous rally in South Dakota amid pandemic | WNT

Hundreds of thousands of bikers rode to Sturgis, South Dakota, and Gov. Kristi Noem encouraged rally attendance, which is a lifeline for local businesses.




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    Stupid people

  2. Avatar

    Trevor Ault is CUTE!

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    Gregoria Arteaga

    Is cbs news just a bunch of cowered people, or they keep this pandemic alive to help the Democrats, and destroy the country and then blame the president. They make me sicker than the COVID-19.

  4. Avatar

    They are bikers. They live by motto of no one can tell us to do.

  5. Avatar
    michael fernandez

    Whatever happens we're GOING TO ROLL WITH IT??? = IT IS WHAT IT IS< Dingbat's Galore at a rally of PROSTITUTION ring's, in CHRISTIAN BELIEF'S when they get back home apparently. Of South Dakotan's. That's there style of Country folk. HEHE OF THE PROUD STATE OF SOUTH DAKACKA.

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    let em die dont care

  7. Avatar

    Give Me Liberty and Death! It is what it is.

  8. Avatar

    So youre worried about these guys but not the thousands of rioters for blm and antifa youre worried about these guys but not all the gatherings for george flyod youre worried about these guys but not the hundred for john lewis's funeral please tell me more

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    gotta love my fucking state bruh

  10. Avatar

    I'd be more concerned about the syphilis than Covid!! 🤮

  11. Avatar

    You mean patriots flock to sturgis amid FAKE pandemic ABCnews. MREICA!!!!! Trump 2020 .

  12. Avatar

    Sounds like a peaceful protest to me.

  13. Avatar

    They understand that the media and the Democrats have manipulated the statistical data and deliberately overstated the threat.

  14. Avatar

    I'd support this over a protest any day but once the alcohol flows covid will spread like nobodys business sad because alot these bikers are in the higher risk group

  15. Avatar

    What else would you expect from a bunch of dipshits who worship the dumbest form of motorized transportation known to man?

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    Matthew Santiago

    Dementia Joe needs hospice or a nursing home Biden

  17. Avatar

    Bunch of idoits.

  18. Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the COVID #s here after this display of stupidity. And not pointing fingers at the residents. 60% wanted to cancel the event. Yeah…keep flying that flag on your bikes, assholes. Life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness, correct? Well, many of you probably have taken all three away from God knows how many. Stay tuned for #s of sick and deaths. And some Americans wonder why we are the laughing stock of the world and , at the same time, the most pitied? Here ya go. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😥

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    michael fernandez

    There going to kill so many as they buy sex and rent rooms for an hour or so with many different women. Isn't there a song about that? I'm spreading the NEWS….OF #AIDSAGONOHEPASYPHOlIS in The proudly representing State of SOUTH DAKOTA.. IDIOT's

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    Arthur Vaisvilas

    if death comes a calling. he'll take me, mask or not.

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    This is stupidity at its best

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    These bikers are the worst kind. I ride but I would never attend out of respect to all those who are at risk. Disgusting lack of empathy, care and respect. Go home or put a mask on. Don’t let the world see how irresponsible you are. Set an example for gods sake.

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    I don't need anymore my 9-5 because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  24. Avatar
    Matthew Santiago

    I'm not living in fear like CNN FAKE NEWS I'm going to live life without fear.

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    The George Floyd riots and protests went on for weeks. No one ever mentioned the health risks of having large protests of people on foot so many days in a row. The media ignored the violence. 70 Covid-19 testing stations were destroyed! The media only criticize some protests.

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    Shut up fake news

  28. Avatar

    riot ok and peaceful. bikers are the problem

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    dont complain, they may help us swing the election yet

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    6 A l l a h 6 P h o n k 6

    So if you are a "peaceful protesters" antifa, black lives matters it's okay, but when is a White, Hispanics, it's bad

  31. Avatar

    I no longer need my work thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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