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Biden slams Trump for 'making everything about himself' at debate

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump for ‘making everything about himself’ in the first debate. Biden spoke on his Amtrak tour across the US, from Johnstown in Pennsylvania.

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  1. Avatar

    Biden is literally falling apart

  2. Avatar

    Biden is so full of hun self saying he “picked the wrong guy” and that he “doesn’t forget” Biden is by far the politician with the worst memory and he’s coughing so much.

  3. Avatar

    Democratic party: Who tf let him out again!?!?!

  4. Avatar

    Great crowd just enough to fill a post box

  5. Avatar

    There's only 20 people there 😂

  6. Avatar

    0:35 was that before or after you brought cocaine onto a military base? Face facts demented old Joe your not getting into the white house the only house you need is a retirement one you old fool

  7. Avatar

    His already won

  8. Avatar

    Biden said. I don't forget. You goto be kiddin

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