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Biden says Trump is responsible for contracting coronavirus: 'masks matter'

Joe Biden says he was not surprised by Donald Trump’s coronavirus infection and delivered a blunt rebuke to the president during a town hall event in Miami, Florida. The Democratic presidential candidate drew a stark contrast with Trump, who on returning to the White House just an hour earlier had instantly removed his face mask for a photo op.
During the NBC event, moderator Lester Holt noted that a recent poll found two in three people think the president bears some responsibility for contracting coronavirus. Biden agreed, saying: ‘Anybody who contracts the virus by essentially saying, masks don’t matter, social distancing doesn’t matter, I think is – is responsible for what happens to them.’
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  1. Avatar

    Biden is senile

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    The trump trolls are desperate on this comment thread hahaha. They are really out in force, and I wonder why aye. Y'all stink of desperation man. desperate, desperate, desperate.

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    Telling us while not wearing a màsk 😂😂😂

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    Masks matter complains Biden with no mask. IQ alert.

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    The left more than likely purposefully infected trumps swab. They seem to be using dirty tactics lately.

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    You very silly old man, go back to sleep.

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    Trumps reponse:
    Yeah yeah, I got it
    I'm the boss
    Oh, I heard you…
    Leaves Hospital (Like a boss)
    – The (not-so) Lonely Island (White House Edition)

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    So will he take Pelosi to task with the haircut?

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    I can't stand the sight of it.

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    Shut the door what a dotard 🐀

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    210 million eh hundred eh thousand… This guy is Leslie Neilsen

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    masks lower blood oxygen

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    All senior citizens in their care homes should have just worn masks then huh?

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    This guy sounds so dumb when he talks. 🤣😂🤣

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    Joe remember this when you get infected

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    It's a shame you weren't as fastidious letting the world know how you were able to stay in your basement whilst coloured women stacked the shelves in supermarkets!!….

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    Faith Hope & Love 2 unpack Main Sheep Narrative

    We need real news, not news that defames our Beloved President who has worked non stop for US! He is suffering from this Virus! The Guardian hate is not acceptable! Nor was the treason that happened against him! Stop Hating! Stop HATING the peoples PRESIDENT! WE LOVE HIM!

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    The mask isn’t to protect. It’s to control

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    Trump was certainly going to get it with or without a mask…he’s campaigning hard all over American…he’s not hiding in his basement like sleepy weak Biden

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    So all the other people who died they were irresponsible enough to catch coronavirus too

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    He says without wearing a mask.. surrounded by dozens of people

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