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Biden: Presidential debate should be canceled if Trump still has Covid

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he and Donald Trump ‘shouldn’t have a debate’ as long as the president remains positive for coronavirus and tells the commander-in-chief to stay off Twitter after his flurry of tweets from the White House. Biden said Tuesday that he’s ‘looking forward to being able to debate him’ but said ‘we’re going to have to follow very strict guidelines’. Trump returned to the White House on Monday after three days of treatment for COVID-19 at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Biden told reporters while boarding his plane back to Delaware in Hagerstown, Maryland: ‘I think if he still has COVID, then we shouldn’t have a debate.’ The next debate is scheduled for October 15, with a third debate due to take place on October 22. Biden’s campaign says he tested negative for COVID-19 earlier on Tuesday.

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