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Biden or Trump? Persuading an undecided voter – BBC News

Erica hasn’t made up her mind yet on whether she’s going to vote for Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the US election.

Her aunt Kay is backing Biden, while her friend Senen is voting for Trump.

Watch as they both try to convince her to support their candidate.

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    I thought it was George?

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    Morons are undecided at this point If you can’t see how bad trump is by now you never will.

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    I need another 4 years of lmao at Trump!

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    Trump is not a Republican, not a Conservative, and not a Christian. He's a total fraud and has pulled off the biggest scam in American history.

    The reason he and his regime are constantly attacking the Bidens and many others is to hide the fact that Trump's a phoney with nothing real to offer 99% of the American people. He is full of empty promises and most Americans can clearly see that.

    The Trump Regime successfully hijacked the Republican Party and brainwashed many Christian Conservatives by using their beliefs to lure them in and control their minds and voices.

    If reelected or if the Trump regime stages a coup to retain power, we will find out what Trump's real motives were. I hope that never happens, as I fear the worst for Americans.

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    The BBC provides positive propaganda for American Democrats

    This is not real News

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    Trump 2020 or a whole year of Biden lockdowns.

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    Get ready salty lefties for the Red Wave and The Big REEE Pt.2….it's gonna be so salty pmsl :=/

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    BBC sounds like side with Biden..figures lol!

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    How can you be undecided at this point? Pick one, you’ve got 4 days.

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    Look at the project called “Creative Society “ on allatraunites.com , there is an article where 3 stages and 8 foundations of building such a Society. The 1-Human life, 2-Human Freedom, 2, 3…….ect 8th foundation is Self-Governing Society. Trump or Biden is no matter, we need Evolution to become more Peaceful, Stable, Secure Society.

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    BIDEN Calls Kamala Harris' Husband, Her WIFE?! Trump ROASTS Him! https://youtu.be/fw9Se7CBf48

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    Can a trump supporter actually tell me what the difference is between NAFTA and USMCA? Don’t go giving your reason as “it was a disaster” or some shit, I wanna hear WHAT the difference is and HOW it affects you.

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    So democrats (Newson Governor California) want to keep amusement parks, and keep businesses closed, and still want to raise taxes Despite the business closers causes unemployment, and still want to raise taxes. Last year millions of U.S. dollars were spent to investigate & impeach Trump, and found no substantial evidence to do so. Historically, all economic recessions in the past were all blamed by the Presidents in the past most prominently pointing at Republicans. They were cause by real estate greed, and the financial loan sectors giving loans to people who can't pay the properties. There, is a 10 year cycle, and a 30 year cycle those who were about to retire made millions and walked away.. A lot of people didn't know about the bubble burst new hires were not aware of this with the 2008 -20011 and they blamed George W. Bush for this.
    During Katrina Hurricane Bush was criticized for delays to help Louisiana: my College instructor a Social Class origin China. Democratic he Bashed Bush for the delays 4 days after Hurricane cleared. A year later there are fires in San Diego a predominantly white community got help immediately 4 hours after. I rose my hand to school the instructor, because of blind bias " he yes what is on your stern mind?" My response is your saying Bush is Racist? " Instructor's response " yes" I Said it's 2 different scenarios in Louisiana Communities were trapped in their Attics & roofs of there homes. Their emergency personal ( police & Fire Departments ) couldn't help their own families, let alone communities to take to a Stadium 20+ miles from their flooded homes. Also despite the 4 days after the Hurricane left the state of Louisiana, the storm still crossed numerous state and in the process Big Riggs, which would be carrying aide to Louisiana would have flipped over by torrential winds and wet conditions. Thus,, never arrive in time if they left to towards Louisiana immediately and the necessary items would also be more limited just because there were more people in need. Diego 560+ Families were helped 4 hours after in their stadium. The San Diego communities were able to drive on their own to the Stadium.. This is Biased Politics to the hardest core All Democrats don't have reason, and Donald Trump Kept the U.S. from world war. There was a Senator in California who thought, the State of California should be it's own country. I guess this Senator didn't study the method and History it was acquired. United States Purchased the land, the Senator ( Democrat) though it could vote it's way out, when it was actually purchased. So California would have lost it's Military, Federal Aide as well as Federal assistance during the States Fires in 2020. Newson wants it be illegal to drive Fuel powered vehicles, and he expects Families to immediately 3 electric vehicles at $40,000 + each, Joe Biden already said he wants to stop oil drilling, which will end economic power to U.S. they think the amount of vehicles Shipping & personnel vehicles are available and the infrastructure is ready. This is the Reason Donald Trump will be re-elected… Even my Father a Democrat regretted voting early for Biden

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    Erica you seem very smart. You know the right choice. Vote to keep America great not to make China great!

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    "Biden is a man of honesty, integrity and… he's not corrupt."

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    Biden apologized for his racist laws, Biden said in front of a crowd he black mailed burisma. Biden backs antifa. Trump's a dick but he gets things done

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    its pretty easy to choose… one is for America and the other is for communist.

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    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you want to know the result of this election, just look at the comment section.

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    Undecided voters, siding with the baby killers. "How can anyone in their right mind vote for abortion"

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    Joe Biden at his best….https://youtu.be/6b8yNaKExvA

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    It's really funny😂.

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    BBC stay out of our politics

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    News on Biden right here. https://youtu.be/2zLfBRgeFFo

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    Suzetti Honeyghan

    Biden for the next. Four years vote trump out

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    "(Biden) is a man of honesty, integrity and he's not corrupt"…….Riiiiiiiight. That's about as believable as "Erica" being an undecided voter and that this is a genuine report.

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    If she’s not sure who she’s voting for by now she’s brain dead.

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    …so find your candidate and vote 3rd party.

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    They hid the story about Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s daughter, who now is an adult, her diary was published, she doesn’t deny, she said it’…in it she describes her father would make her take showers with him growing up and he molested her, Way to go Joe Biden you nasty man. Like father like son..

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    Why the fuck is this on the BBC. Fuck off

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