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Biden On Amy Coney Barrett: I Don't Think There's Any Questions About Her Faith | NBC News NOW

When asked by reporters on whether Amy Coney Barrett’s faith should be considered during her ongoing hearings, Joe Biden responds saying he doesn’t think there are “any questions about her faith.” Biden notes that the Supreme Court nominee wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act and to “keep our eye on the ball.”
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Biden On Amy Coney Barrett: I Don’t Think There’s Any Questions About Her Faith | NBC News NOW

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  1. Avatar

    They really need to keep religion and sexuality outta politics !!! It is no body's business what your faith is and who you love !!!

  2. Avatar

    U are such a fear mongler

  3. Avatar

    We don't need your Evil Healthcare Joe,, we want a free Healthcare in Trump's Admin,,,and we don't want you back in the White HOuse God cleaned it up for you Evil men in the White House,,,God put you an end on 2016 that was the end of all Lucifer in the White HOuse Joe and that is You Joe and Obama, you are all Evil,, DEmon-cratic Leaders all evil no one is good on your Demoncrats

  4. Avatar

    VOTE HIM OUT !..

  5. Avatar

    I bet due to all the experimental drugs trump was given he is now patient #1 with a new mutation of Covid. To dangerous. Who knows. Save America Fire Trump

  6. Avatar

    They said Biden had a crowd today listening to him, 6 were there and 4 were sleeping….

  7. Avatar

    "I'm running as a proud Democrat for the senate."
    –Joe Biden, literally today.

  8. Avatar

    Joe is late for Jello at the Care Home!!

  9. Avatar

    Ew yuk nbc commie propaganda

  10. Avatar

    What about trump's pick! She had her kids sitting right next to infected trumps and STAFF! No protection no mask! If she runs her family like that! DON'T WANT HER MAKING DECISIONS FOR MINE! VOTE!

  11. Avatar
    Home Grown Enterprises

    He Seems like a nice enough guy. Almost like a grandfather. Let’s not forget he has to deal with some very strong world leaders. He just doesn’t seem very sharp.

  12. Avatar

    Is he even remotely aware that almost no one believes a word that comes out of his mouth. You can repeat a lie 1,000 times, it's still a lie you moron.

  13. Avatar

    As a Chinese, I know very well that a stupid and corrupt person like Biden is definitely not an opponent of CCP. If Biden is elected, the United States will soon be deceived, stolen, robbed, infiltrated, and corrupted by China until it is overthrown by the CCP.

  14. Avatar

    Seems like he has dementia or something… not all there.

  15. Avatar

    What A Complete Mess Old Crooked Dementia Joe Has Become!

  16. Avatar

    bro can’t even remember romney’s name lmao

  17. Avatar

    I thought Joe was running for Senate ?

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar
    Trump2020 JoePatriot


  20. Avatar

    There is a video on You Tube that you should watch before voting on Nov
    3. Type in – I was voting for Biden but this changed my mind to Trump-. Share this video after you watch it!!!!

  21. Avatar

    360 million americans but he's only focused on 20 million…ask yourselves why.

  22. Avatar

    How is it unconstitutional for a sitting president to nominate a Supreme Court justice? Also how can the Republicans be court packing when they haven't changed the number of judges, just filling a vacancy?

  23. Avatar

    Dems plans https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/08/demanding-nation-cares-all-not-just-wealthy-few-progressives-unveil-peoples-charter candidates the support these https://workingfamilies.org/candidates/ Joe is the top. Looks like communism. If you can vote these people out.

  24. Avatar

    Who's that mormon ? For 1500$ alex

  25. Avatar

    Im Joe Biden and if the president goes through with his constitutional duty they'll get rid of obamacare and we can't have that, it's helped so many people who couldn't afford health insurance have to pay for health insurance anyway for not having it because science that's why and my families gotta eat gourmet steak and potatoes 3 times a day lol plz don't mention all the medicines you had to pay out of pocket without being able to claim it on taxes because it wouldn't cover if you were less than 10feet of our range even though there were no prescribing doctors within the range given. Help abolish obamacare so democrats like myself will stop ripping everyone off to get rich.

    Im Joe Biden and I approve of this message

  26. Avatar

    https://youtu.be/pCAiwDo-P_s i feel sorry for him

  27. Avatar

    Hey Joe, how come there are only 3-9 supporters who attend your speeches/rallies?
    Hey Joe, you know the polls are fixed by the Fake News Media!
    If the election is not stolen, I predict a landslide like no other for Trump.
    No one even comes out to see this foolish, demented pervert speak.

  28. Avatar
    Christopher Harrington

    No talk about the W.H.O know calling off the use of quarantines because of the economic damage it causes??? Wtf. You dont hear cnn talk about this. Trump was right!!

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