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Biden is ahead in national polls. That doesn't mean he will win the election.

After the 2016 presidential election, many Americans are mistrustful of polls. Here’s how to read the poll numbers heading into Nov. 3. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Parents encourage your young to vote!!! Teach them local and state elections. Start young while they’re all appalled at Trump.

  2. Avatar

    No, Clinton won the polls lost the election, meaning polls reflect the will of the poll maker not realitty.

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    Go 0ut and vote in person people..vote the orange man out

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    The Electoral College is an ongoing Scam by the Republicans. BAN the Electoral College .

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    VOTE! Our lives depend on it.

  6. Avatar

    Main stream media fail to provoke voters against trump, Trump is going have the last laugh

  7. Avatar

    Whatever !… lol 😆
    How can you lie to ur faceses?

  8. Avatar

    Because people are going to vote in person

  9. Avatar

    Listen michigan pennsylvania, Wisconsin, game freaking over, so stop trying to over hype this, I'm not buying this story line,👎👎😇

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    They're not going to be accurate when Trump Republicans going around stealing mail-in ballots out of the boxes that belong to the Democrat candidate they got to cheat to win and that is low down and dirty they run a honest re-election campaign for president the Republican got to cheat in everything they do

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    A 45% to 40% lead where the percentage of undecided voters is large (2016) is very different from a 49% to 45% lead where the percentage of undecided voters is small (2020).

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    The polls are similar, but the situation is totally different. This isn’t 2016, and America didn’t have 4 years of a felon running this country. BIG difference. Plus, 2018 showed us what the voters think of Right Wingers.

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    Why does the Washington Post not give its readers information on the Bidens corruption? Report the truth instead of Democrat propaganda. Did Joe Biden use his troubled son to launder money to the family? Where are your investigate journalists? Hunter Biden's computer is NOT Russian disinformation. According to the FBI, DOJ, and Director Ratcliff this isn't related to Russian disinformation, period. So, WP do your homework and STOP hiding the truth from your readers. Millions from corrupt foreign powers are involved in huge pay to play laundering schemes. Biden is compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. Don't we need to know how deep and wide the Communist Party infiltration into the Biden's bank accounts go? Look up bank transactions, Mansion buying documents, off shore accounts, etc and let's see some objective and transparent reporting for a change. Biden could be a national security risk to our governmemt.

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    Good! Nobody wants someone with dementia who cannot form a complete sentence as President🤮

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    These polls don't have a good sample of minorities who don't speak English at home and tend to vote for Trump.

  16. Avatar

    For the love of god and America stop saying that trump may win

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    YouTube deleted comment.

    Bring the kid's, Bidens in a sniffing mood.

  18. Avatar

    Groundhog Day –
    Punxsutawney Joe
    sees shadow on son's laptop,
    returns to basement.

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    nevermore from past

    VOTE, VOTE BLue the gun toting goons need to be stopped before they overthrow what our country was founded on, freedom FOR ALL not just old white men

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    Hope to god that nut job doesn’t win. Would rather trump but if I could chose I would chose neither. But trump has done good for america

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    The polling is false because, I polled and stated that I'm for Biden when in fact I'm voting for the other Big Guy..
    The Big Guy
    It might shock you

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    The stupid people vote for Trump. It really is that simple.

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    Where is the WaPo oped on Hunter and Joe Biden, and the 10% kickback
    Joe gets from Ukraine?
    Joe is known as the BIG GUY.. the debate on the 25th might be The nail in the Biden and Democratic Party's Coffin..
    It might even drag Barry Hussein Soetoro into the mix, since he was the leader of the nation at the time..

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