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Biden holds voter mobilization event in Florida

Former Vice President Joe Biden will hold a voter mobilization event in Miramar, FL.

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  1. Avatar

    basically: I'm black that's why u need to vote for Biden because he is gonna be the next president even tho he has no plan doing anything better.

  2. Avatar

    Why do they never show the crowd???

  3. Avatar

    Jesus! This guy is stupid!!!

  4. Avatar

    So all this Biden tosser can talk about is covid, easy to trash when yoiu not in charge. 47 years later and he is still a sleepy loser. Democrats are scumbags for what they have done. Biden is shouting because he can't find his teleprompter.

  5. Avatar

    "A mobilization even" that garnered another TEN 'PEOPLE'?
    Can WE THE PEOPLE say "LANDSLIDE 2020 for TRUMP"? And for those dolted by the yellow stream media-get ready to scream AGAIN.

  6. Avatar

    I hope 5 years from now someone does a behind the scenes true story of this campaign.

  7. Avatar

    1:48 I quit my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  8. Avatar

    And 10 ppl showed up.
    I wonder if Biden knew about what was about to break. Emails between Ukraine Burisma higher ups asking biden how he can use his influence as well as video with Hunter doing sexacts while smoking crack.

  9. Avatar

    We have to do some extra work if we’re willing to win this election , we must encourage our family and friends to vote remain true and vote responsibly
    Vote for Biden …

  10. Avatar

    Where are the people?

  11. Avatar

    Folks their own supporters don’t like them either, they just hate Trump more.

  12. Avatar

    He said ppl wondering who gonna take care of me then said that's trumps presidency lol then 115,000 have died lol. He doesnt know what hes saying

  13. Avatar

    How would this guy win, seriously?

  14. Avatar

    Oh good, nap time… :/

  15. Avatar

    Trump 2020 and forever

  16. Avatar

    My dear friends very hard time is going to come for America and whole world. This US president election determines so many this and future of the world. China is going to be a massive threat for America and whole world. Chinese Communist party wants Joe biden to be next president of USA, If that happens the whole world is going to pay for it. We are happy with American supremacy and feels safe under it. We don't want Communist China in the place of America. Only Trump administration can counter China effectively. Please vote for Trump

  17. Avatar

    Room sounds really empty !!!

  18. Avatar

    Trump 2020….

  19. Avatar

    FL 29, PA 20, OH 18 (unlikely), MI (16), AZ (11), WI (10), IA (6) (unlikely),

  20. Avatar

    The weirdest thing I have ever seen !!!

  21. Avatar

    Hey Joe Biden, the Woodward or corona response isn’t a reason to vote for you.

  22. Avatar

    He’s a great guy and honest. A decent man

  23. Avatar

    -racial injustice
    -affordable care act
    -7 million more jobs than Trump
    -no stimulus relief
    -“we’re divided”
    -“losers and suckers”
    -awful handling of Rona and woodward
    -very fine people on both sides

  24. Avatar

    buden- harris = Chavez – Maduro, a complete disaster.

  25. Avatar

    Looks kind of quiet… lmao

  26. Avatar

    This guy can’t get a crowd if his life depended on it

  27. Avatar

    wow you can here couple people clap

  28. Avatar

    This isnt even funny anymore.
    Just sad.

  29. Avatar
    Sandra Cwiklinski

    Wow! This is pretty pathetic….

  30. Avatar

    Oh, this is so sad. What a joke.

  31. Avatar

    I wonder what they had to pay the nine people to sit there and honk on que'

  32. Avatar

    As a Brit watching this, what's wrong with what he says when he calls out trump's lies?

  33. Avatar

    Another 18 minute life story from Joe 'when I was a boy' Biden.

  34. Avatar

    What a joke!

  35. Avatar

    Where is audience?

  36. Avatar
    Child of The Covenant

    Ever notice can self opt out of Trump ads but not Biden ads?

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