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Biden holds a campaign event in Pennsylvania

Former Vice President Joe Biden held a campaign event in Erie, Pa.

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  1. Avatar

    Was it at a bingo hall??

  2. Avatar
    Auto Trend Channel


  3. Avatar

    Thats a highly intellectual, bumper sticker. build back better, or is it better build back , or better back build? 🤔. Try on a breast, huh, joe? Did everyone hear that?

  4. Avatar

    Joe Biden has a crowd of cardboard cutouts this really is elder abuse at this point he is old he's nuts and he's dumb as hell

  5. Avatar

    OMG. Biden was all over the map. There wasn't a clear thread throughout. The best advice I got from public speaking courses is to keep it short and to the point. Joe, governments don't create jobs, they get out of the way so the private sector can create the jobs.

  6. Avatar

    Why does he just keep on about his family life growing up then bad mouth Trump ,just the same dribble .The America want to know about his policies.

  7. Avatar

    Storytime you know why it's story time cuz he doesn't have a plan he doesn't even have a Q did I say Q meant to say clue

  8. Avatar

    Blah blah blah blah blah

  9. Avatar

    Who cares about your dad and granddad.
    Trump 2020

  10. Avatar

    Biden wants to put Beto O'Rourke in charge of confiscating guns LOL could you imagine that little sissy trying to get my gums LOL

  11. Avatar

    On Biden’s final days in bed been tucked in by Obama. Biden looks at Obama and says “was I a good president?”.

  12. Avatar

    Remember what Joe Biden said just go out on the patio and fire off a couple of shotgun rounds LOL I mean that's how irresponsible this guy is and I'm not even going to mention he used his own son as a bagman

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    Thank you thank you thank you… WHO is he talking to? I didn't hear any applause or cheers… nor during the speech…

  15. Avatar

    Hey Joe wantaplay a game.?

  16. Avatar

    Joe can’t go wrong with the heels 👠 funding by his side.

  17. Avatar

    I’m embarrassed to watch this.

  18. Avatar

    this has got to be the first rally in American history without a crowd.
    Absolutely pathetic!

  19. Avatar

    Biden has intelligent policies that will give America a future. And all that tRumptards can do is to try and insult his age. True American patriots must vote Biden Harris wave 🌊

  20. Avatar

    Whos he talking to? Staff? Amazing the lefts poll numbers have Biden in a 40% lead, but no matter what political clip you look at on youtube 99.99% are pro Trump. Yes that bafoon is leading hell ya….😂🤭😂😅😅😂

  21. Avatar

    Why do people keep disliking these videos? Just because Fox streams it doesn't mean they favor him!

  22. Avatar

    At this point I'm almost certain libertarians will come in in second place. Democrats are a 3rd party now.

  23. Avatar

    Trump behind bars………….Americans pray for that rapturous day

  24. Avatar

    Corn pop did not even show up

  25. Avatar

    These likes and dislikes ratio makes me feel good!! 🥰

  26. Avatar
    AntonioR Software

    Biden is simply too old, that makes him a bigger national security threat than Putin, Xi or leaders of Iran.

  27. Avatar

    What do Obama and Joe EVER do for the Farmers… ever

  28. Avatar

    Try your BREAST!!!!

  29. Avatar
    montreal McComack

    Show us the crowd! Jeez even faux news is in on the fix.

  30. Avatar

    Joe finally confirms he's away with the birds….. He's talking to himself. 😂.

  31. Avatar

    We think Trump’s plan to accept election monitors from Kim Jong Un is a great idea. Also we’ve heard Trump has a secret weapon now that his infection is getting better…some really good dirt on Sleepy Joe! Let’s hope it sticks.

  32. Avatar

    Build back better sounds like an incoherent rambling that makes no sense

  33. Avatar

    Tell us what you can do not how bad the president has done. You have no platform. This is a joke.

  34. Avatar

    Hi all 35 of you. 😂

  35. Avatar
    john a bardenhagen jr

    Bidens a traitor in my view. Sold his soul to China. For money.

  36. Avatar

    Where are his supporters?

  37. Avatar

    Did he just say “ anyone who does an honest day’s work?”

  38. Avatar

    Who else got this in their recommended 4 years later?

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