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Biden Delivers Remarks In Las Vegas | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Joe Biden delivers remarks at a drive-in event while campaigning in Las Vegas.

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Watch live: Biden delivers remarks in Las Vegas

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  1. Avatar

    tighten the mask. it's distracting

  2. Avatar

    Biden..Are you going to Pack the Court?
    this independent would like to know

  3. Avatar

    Go Biden President!

  4. Avatar

    His nose is outside his mask his trying to sniff on someones neck

  5. Avatar

    This guy is under criminal investigation
    America do your research don’t be blind

  6. Avatar
    Aaron Christoffersen

    Well done Biden! Really well done. 👌🏻

  7. Avatar

    Hello we're looking for a president not a storyteller

  8. Avatar

    Joe Biden having a rally for a field full of Canadian geese

  9. Avatar

    Thank you for the speech Joe I've made up my mind I'm voting for Donald Trump

  10. Avatar

    Make the Choice to UNITE America #VoteBiden We the people need to heal and Biden is the one to restore AMERICA.

  11. Avatar
    Elyse Rojas Claire Heath

    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

  12. Avatar

    Bernie would have killed it. Now, even with a politically limping Trump, this dead horse is not gonna make it with a million beating. Sorry that Democrats lost the plot in plain sight…

  13. Avatar

    America didn't and doesn't deserve Trump.

  14. Avatar

    Nevada resident here. Biden is a moron.

  15. Avatar


    REMINDS ME OF THE MOVIE ¨THE OMEN III¨ when the devil was FREAKING OUT because he knew his time was short.

  16. Avatar

    17:21 Biden you should not make a fist and cough into while your mask is down. You should cough into the mask while it is pulled up.

  17. Avatar

    For F'n sakes, will someone please get him a mask that actually fits him. He is going to be the President of the United States but can't get a decent mask. WTF!

  18. Avatar

    How can people support this man who accidentally used the horrible old slang term for little black children = "roaches" at this community meeting recently:
    Makes sense why he passed the people-of-color  targeted 1994 Crime Bill, and says things like "I like all races, even the bad ones."  See link…
    He should be ashamed of his old, racist, senile, sentiments and the media should be ashamed of itself for hiding it!

  19. Avatar

    Joe has already received my vote via mail in ballot!

  20. Avatar

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  21. Avatar

    Who don't want FREE stuff , simple is that all you do is VOTE for Democrat and work for cash consider low income you can get Free health care for my families , visit doctors any time , hospital and get medication all Free no a dime .
    Free housing for low income , pay No rent .Got free money for food ( food stamp) ,my children got free food in school.
    Just workless and spend time with your children help them for home work .
    Be smart , Stress free and happy life .
    Not my fault , Democrat will get tax money from hard working people give to my families .

  22. Avatar

    what has biden done for corona virus nothing at all ,,GO TRUMP WE LOVE TRUMP !! biden should be looking for a nursing home

  23. Avatar

    Gentlemen, take a break from politics, from problems and look at my works on YouTube / https://youtu.be/nuE6qlkZJ-A

  24. Avatar

    i hope next year trump's speech will be from prison for his crimes

  25. Avatar

    If we vote for you can we all have a grey donkey pajamas from Winnie the Pooh. Will wave a flag, just bi den time, while canables and crows and invisible bugs eat us winding down like goldfish. Being an adult was suppose to be fun. Acoustic wars ruined it. Well he can read Pooh books vs when bush read as towers fell, and now booty pinches. O.o

  26. Avatar

    How many times did Biden mess with his mask by touching it ? He might as well not even wear one.That's the problem i have with masks.Put your hands all over it and then touch things.What a great way to stop the spread.

  27. Avatar
    Lord Enlighten Us

    Please Mr. BIDEN consider your stand on Pro-Abortion…all unborn children(souls) had the right to be born..America Believes to the deserving future president. Go for Win Mr. BIDEN and God Bless.

  28. Avatar

    Why is he wearing that mask? Doesn’t keep his nose and sometimes mouth covered. Touching nose constantly. Dr Fauci should reprimand him. Setting bad example for country.

  29. Avatar

    Criminal to lead people to believe the wealthy do not pay taxes.. they pay out the nose to support this country.

  30. Avatar

    September 29: Debate BWN sick Trump and Teleprompter! October 15: Senile political impotent Biden chicken out !!! Coward !Coward! Coward !!!!!!!!! TRUMP -2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Avatar

    He's calling us criminals if we do well after working for a lifetime to "make it".
    So after $400,000..we will be punished.

  32. Avatar

    (BLM protesters confronts woman who won't raise her fist in solidarity)-similar to the nazis?

  33. Avatar

    Sick of Joes Blows promises..he never keeps..
    This Democrat is happy to be a Republican now.
    Obama /DeGeneres Presidency was THE WORST..never again!!!

  34. Avatar
    [LUTO] Brєиdαα Armααnii Dєłffø ϟ

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  35. Avatar

    Wow look at the likes and dislikes .. a preview of novembers elections

  36. Avatar
    K John Sebastian2x

    With my slat is now available on YouTube just search up, “ 1KJOHNBK”

  37. Avatar

    whats with all the honking?
    is this set up like a drive in theatre?

  38. Avatar

    Go Biden , vote Blue Nevada!

  39. Avatar

    Is Biden going to appoint 49 tsars like Obama did? Unelected and unaccountable to the freedom of information act. President Trump has none.

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