Biden defines recession as 'hunky dory': Ted Cruz

by News Update

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz joined ‘Hannity’ to discuss the Biden administration changing the definition of a recession and Democrats’ latest spending bill. #foxnews #fox #hannity

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Glen Tuchscherer August 4, 2022 - 10:11 AM

I am a Canadian. I find it interesting that Biden stole a page out of Trudeau's playbook and will crash the US just as is happening here.

Laylow Longer August 4, 2022 - 10:16 AM

Wake up, smarten up, wise up or whatever you got to do to get up to speed people but know now that the governments of our world have been weaponized against the very same people that they are suppose to be representing, supporting and protecting to the very best of their ability. This is a fact and they want to drastically depopulate the world and they are not going to deter away from that primary agenda unless they are made to.

Yodhanath Saroop August 4, 2022 - 10:21 AM

Why are comments on Tucker Carlson's show turned off?
And why are they aired a day late?

Mrx Studlly August 4, 2022 - 10:21 AM

This evil person who damaged and destroyed America severely along with most Republicans Constantly continually lying.! Has guaranteed himself a one-way ticket Straight to Hell the day the evil man held the Bible in his hand pretending to be good he's going to take his followers to Hell along with himself Donald Trump the the sore loser loser a misguided lost Empty Soul…..! Driven by evil nothing more if at this point you haven't figured it out you never will you're just as lost. A homeless man could have done a better job than Trump did I guarantee you the homeless man will be way more honest at the very least…!

Mrx Studlly August 4, 2022 - 10:21 AM

Donald trump took advantage of his followers stole 💰 from them lied to them misleading them some of them are in JAIL . Trump could care less ! He used you them for profit and personal gain ….!! AND HE'S LAUGHING at you…..!!!

Dortha Clevenger August 4, 2022 - 10:22 AM

Manchin what did that crook offer you to put all theses more burdens on us,,, You won't forget this,,, And you will live with it,,,,,

Steve Stults August 4, 2022 - 10:23 AM

Ted: You must be such an embarrassment to your children

nunya August 4, 2022 - 10:24 AM

I'm still trying to figure out how I owe the irs even tho I make under 55thou a year , yet Ukraine got billions in aid and companies made record profits.

Scott123 August 4, 2022 - 10:24 AM

It's the big conspiracy agenda!

crossthread Mc althair August 4, 2022 - 10:25 AM

Manchurian lie boy wake up america!and he's a joe.

Gloria Solis August 4, 2022 - 10:27 AM

I like the way senator Ted Cruz tells it like it is. The world is a mess right now and it will continue as long as these Democrats control.

ranger0209 August 4, 2022 - 10:30 AM

Rogan is making millions he should drop the PPV fights to $10 so everyone could afford and enjoy a good fight…

Gerald Hardy August 4, 2022 - 10:33 AM

Joe Rogan shut up this ain't fear factor.Ted Cruz you are a sleaze. Fox is corrupt like you.Dont act like you care you sleaze.

Gerald Hardy August 4, 2022 - 10:35 AM

You all talk trash and do nothing! Democrat Republican SHUTUP

Todd M August 4, 2022 - 10:35 AM

Cruz ,Hannity ,Tucker, Gaetz…what do they all have in common …they are MAGA idiots like Alex Jones.

Corrected News August 4, 2022 - 10:37 AM

It is about time the media started emphasizing the obvious: that electric cars run on electricity. 80% of that power is generated BY BURNING FOSSIL FUELS!
The GREEN movement has been PRETENDING that electricity just magically exists in the walls of your house or inside charging stations and is FREE.

NP August 4, 2022 - 10:38 AM

Go Ted Cruz. Tells it like it is. Need Trump man back NOW
Even if Biden is voted out Harris will be worse. We are doomed till 2024

Pj Mac August 4, 2022 - 10:38 AM

Clinton did this in the 90s and Sen Grassley hung them out to dry re corruption and demanding minimum collection numbers that caused management to abuse taxpayers rights. I was there.

Larry Banta August 4, 2022 - 10:39 AM

That hit it right on the head

Arturo Valdez August 4, 2022 - 10:39 AM

Denial denial denial, this president is worst than a 3 world country president. He caused this recession. This is as low as they get.

Wilbur August 4, 2022 - 10:40 AM

Why are we not seeing first bub now like we seeing on bill for veterans

Daniel Peralez August 4, 2022 - 10:41 AM

CCP has dirt on Biden and the Democrats!!!!!!

Melvin Mcmanus August 4, 2022 - 10:46 AM

Because of Biden Harris admin far left dems dems ,under table money ,the cost of living and increases of taxes , don't affect them..,that what they is about

TE August 4, 2022 - 10:51 AM

Klaus Schwab….with The Economic Forum should be worrisome for all Democrat and Republican citizens of the USA. Get your head out of your asses, and go look up what they are planning to do to ALL of us the citizens.

Melvin Mcmanus August 4, 2022 - 10:53 AM

As long as they're in power ,it's going cost the average people everything they have worked for and earned, they must be voted out of power and kept out of power… Actions speaks louder then words…..

Angel Ayala August 4, 2022 - 10:54 AM

1.5k that's a low number for foxrepublicans. Trump 'sad'

ranger0209 August 4, 2022 - 10:54 AM

If we are I a recession why do I have to be on a waiting list when I go to a restaurant…. 😂, my job requires me to travel and the restaurant are always packed

Grace Vicki August 4, 2022 - 10:56 AM

cruz- what are you going to do when Biden declares a climate emergency?

more cow bell!

Joseph "Joe" Davidson August 4, 2022 - 10:56 AM

Democrats have weaponized every government office in the country.. IRS, FBI, DOJ, DOD, etc, etc, etc.
Weaponized against the average middle-class American.
Not surprising though…. Democrats have to collapse the US economy before they can install their "great reset".

B vegan Now August 4, 2022 - 10:57 AM

Ban pro gun controllers from gov jobs

Alejandro Sudiro August 4, 2022 - 10:58 AM

When a mumbling bumbling president can identify himself as FDR obviously he can identify the current economic situation as bullish.

Hal Jordan August 4, 2022 - 10:59 AM

This is why CNN is dying cause they don't report the news they only push the left narrative.

Faythe August 4, 2022 - 11:01 AM

Joe Madchen has not been snuckered he has been bought.

Powered by NATO August 4, 2022 - 11:03 AM

Hey it is flip flop Cruz again

Winter is coming again

Mexico welcomes you.

David Eastman August 4, 2022 - 11:04 AM

Anyone who gets near a corrupt media crew on location anywhere needs to photo bomb and yell Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame. In the back ground to let everyone know we don’t by the crap they’re selling. CNN , NBC, CBS, ABC. America both Republicans and Democrats see it.

Patricia Bennett August 4, 2022 - 11:05 AM

This administration and those who are against our constitution and country should be taxed at a high rate. We the people don't need any more taxes by the left. This administration and those who are against our country should pay All Americans taxes because they can afford it through their big spending. Wg1wgal 🇺🇲🇺🇲 USA 🇺🇲 stand up for America 🇺🇲 one nation under God 🙏🙏

Charles Frank August 4, 2022 - 11:10 AM

What happened to the law you guys won't uphold forbidding socialism in this country? 🤔We need to march on Washington and fire the whole lot we are their bosses!

Lisa Hardy August 4, 2022 - 11:11 AM

Oh I thought this was a SNL skit

bill v August 4, 2022 - 11:15 AM

These dems do not work for the Americans of America. They work for the corrupt ones of the world. Birds of a feather flock together.

Isabel Rodriguez Barradas August 4, 2022 - 11:17 AM

This os so leftist! I come come from the future. Those were Chávez policies.

Dieter Schneider August 4, 2022 - 11:24 AM

We re in Commie USA right now as illegal activity in Govt gets a free pass making millions on our dime!!!