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Biden Campaigns In Michigan After Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus | NBC News

Watch live coverage as Joe Biden hosts a campaign event with Michigan’s largest food and retail union in Grand Rapids. This will be Biden’s first public campaign event since President Trump announced he has tested positive for Covid-19.
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Live: Biden Campaigns In Michigan After Trump Tests Positive For Coronavirus | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    Mr Trump i wish the best you will be well pty soon, God be with you and your family

  2. Avatar

    Biden 2020 you got my vote

  3. Avatar

    The only thing I worry about here is that Trump's people saw a play – that Trump could fake having the virus, get treated and recover, then state that he is "strong like bull" and this is proof that a cure is coming and that the virus is not that serious. Don't assume Trump's people are ethical enough to report the truth – Trump and they will do anything to help him avoid the upcoming potential personal lawsuits.

  4. Avatar

    Mr. President Biden, I was holding the name for you. Now I am ready to let it go. Please take the name and save my country.

  5. Avatar

    It is actually very sad what they are doing to this man. His wife should be allowing him to heard in public. He is sick, with a very real medical condition

  6. Avatar

    Johnstown, PA you're hacking up a lung coughing in your hand with no mask 1 day after the debate. Now you're wearing a mask……did you by chance get tested?

  7. Avatar
    Game over, man. Game over!

    Trump tested positive
    Thumbnail also positive

  8. Avatar
    The Book of Heiress Jacqueline

    Learn The Distance Dance and Live! https://youtu.be/DSJWMHF8UlQ

  9. Avatar

    That’s right Biden. Wish him well and take advantage of this news cycle.

  10. Avatar

    Mr Biden you have my support and Moms .10 cents saves lives .10 cents .!!!! Thank you for setting the example .I will continue to share your word …..best wishes to Mrs Biden .I believe in prayer so I pray the lord keep your family safe 👍🔵🇺🇸♥️👏👏👍Bidrn 2020

  11. Avatar

    This will sound cliche but I Can feel the Greif AND ANXIETY Of AMERICA and AMERICANS In these DARK Days it's hard to cope God be with all of you and Bless you your Family your friends even your enemies something tells me we are all Going to need it in the Days ahead

  12. Avatar

    Sleeping Joe talking to whom, air?

  13. Avatar

    so refreshing to here a real presadent speak again i had shivvers lol

  14. Avatar

    joe, no waste time you and dem party #1 cheating, lies, fakes but unable WIN
    American see how dirty demo party setup buy questions from chris worst moderator

  15. Avatar

    I dont even like biden ir democrats they are to racist

  16. Avatar
    rishad abdulrahman

    The world support Joe Biden
    Incredible speech

  17. Avatar

    I don't like joe Biden imma Republican myself but gotta respect him for praying for president trump and his wife good job

  18. Avatar

    My genuine issue is that I'm not sure if I trust Joe Biden to allocate any of his taxed money efficiently. No offence to Obama, he was a great man with a great family, but his allocating of funds was very poor over his presidency. The economy recovered well initially but ended up stagnating, especially the black population which I found to be really sad.

    Obamacare has been ripping off many good friends of mine. Do you agree that insurance companies should be able to go across state lines?

    Is Biden another Obama, or was he being held back in the VP role while a lesser man called all the shots?

  19. Avatar
    Gunflint Viking North

    Yes Joe, be another FDR we need another FDR TO BRING US BACK!

  20. Avatar

    biden is not sick with covid but he does have serious brain disease the guy cant put 3 words together correctly

  21. Avatar

    Blessing you Biden stay healthy and lead America from queens New York . Please vote him Americans.

  22. Avatar

    🆃🆁🆄🅼🅿 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟎

  23. Avatar

    Remember Dr. Mrs. Jill Biden becomes automatic nominee for potus should any thing happens to Biden next 32 days.

  24. Avatar

    The guy is a clown. He screwed the black community with the crime bill. He screwed over the progressives coming out hard against universal healthcare. He dumped on the green deal. He has no platform and democrats are simply that, democrats. They stand for nothing. Get a grip.

  25. Avatar

    Nice to see him be so kind to Trump but if it was the other way around, trump wouldnt show no empathy. I dont think we should either. He has completely botches the US response and the fact that he allowed himself to get it shows it was nothing but a joke.

  26. Avatar

    amazing speech befits from a true american … make usa great again.

  27. Avatar

    I don’t like that people make assumptions that Trump caught the virus because he took risks by not always wearing a mask . This implies that millions of people around the world caught covid including doctors, nurses , first respondents because they were not careful. No one should be blamed to get covid. And as Biden was trying to tell,us wearing a mask is not a miracle cure.

  28. Avatar

    We’re going to bring jack back jobs!

  29. Avatar

    This guy for ruler of the world?

  30. Avatar

    Well if Biden wins over this covid. Expect the same situation to emerge again the next 4 years.

  31. Avatar

    Wow I'm so glad to see the comments on here so respectful to trump. I was not expecting this. Trump is sick, biden wishes him best and so do most people here. Mad respect. I'm not sure if I could have that compassion.

  32. Avatar

    Biden failed attempts for POTUS 1988 & failed again in 2008. He who thinks Harris & Biden will “fix”this country is a sap. How did Barrack & Biden “fix” the country,

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