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Biden campaign wishes President Trump a speedy recovery

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he hopes the second debate showdown goes on as scheduled.

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    Stop racism and stop being racist

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    Masks are patriotic?Shut the f*** up!

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    McCaffrey Talent Management

    He's just not the kind of person to stay in closed doors or a basement at the white house. He said it and he's paying the price. I wish him a speedy recovery. Respect. Something I grew up with…

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    Hypocrisy at its finest,if Dem take control of the WH,our country is done

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    What do Biden know about patriotism. 2700 babies die every day from abortion. Patriotism. Please

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    Basement BidUM needs to show up without a wire under his jacket to keep him on track.
    Pence will be sure to shutdown kamela. She is very easily angered and doesn't know how to handle that mouth of hers.

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    I will not watch the VP candidates debate. I'll wait to read about it because I can't stand Harris' nails-on-a-chalkboard voice and grating persona. Yuk!

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    Biden is full of BS.

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    Joe Biden once said: "If you ain't criminal – you ain't black". In all democratic governed cities and states you see how riots and violence spread. If you want law and order and peace – vote Trump!

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    Fake news, No worries President Trump come back to White House next week.

    joe have you and demo party buy the questions for second debate

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    Yeah, right he does!!!! NOT!!!

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    Even the Christian conservatives, the white supremacists and the QAnon cult would have to laugh at the sociopath buffoon. His childish behavior has made him the laughing stock of the world.

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    Pence is as dumb as Stump

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    BIDEN, a man of integrity and yet compassionate.

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    If the roles were reversed I don't think Trump and his supporters would be as gracious and as classy as Biden is acting right now. Trump is like an attack dog who wants to win at all costs.

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    TRUMP 2020

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    #bible Psalm 35:8 ***
    Let destruction come upon him unawares; and let the net which he hath hidden catch himself; into that very destruction let him fall

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    Dems took away black rights, Dems have always hated blacks!

    But lets forget about that..
    Criminal Biden already took bribes from Moscow and China!

    Dems want people to revolt when America was at a all time high for everything good!

    Why would a nation revolt when things are much better?

    We do it because we are brainwashed idiots following Our hero's!.

    Hero's that were framed, setup, even before even taking the job.

    The absolute brainwashing of really dumb people in America amazes me!

    What dumb sheep, it is 96% identical to the dumb sheep who backed up Hitler!

    Their own Police, Social Workers, Green Deal, and Utopia! Nazi Biden? or USA TRUMP!

    Trump might me a jerk, but he is not a traitor who took bribes from Moscow, and Bribes from Russia!


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    Definitely should be using plexiglass in next debate

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    Biden is a real gentelmen Trump would have never wished Biden a speedy and full recovery if he was contracted with the corona virus .
    Trump doesnt deserve the love and atention he gets he is a evil orange man .

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