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Biden at final presidential debate: Trump is among 'most racist presidents' | USA TODAY

Biden takes jab at Trump calls him, ‘one of the most racist presidents in modern history’.
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Former Vice President Biden calls out President Trump’s race relations record during the final presidential debate.

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  1. Avatar

    What has biden done for the black community in 47 years? Locked em up

  2. Avatar

    Joe Biden and Hunter Biden made millions in Ukraine and China during Biden's 8 years as VP. Dimensia Joe Biden is a goof that voted for NAFTA which devastated the manufacturing industry in the rust belt states. President Trump brought the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the USA for African Americans, Hispanics and Asians because you have a businessman in the White House instead of BS politicians. God bless President Trump!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    It's bigger than black our white it's even bigger than propaganda when ever a united states president calls our own military sons 2 shoot there mother's on horseback(rubber bullets) he has no choice but to relieve his self of duty any honor born in him won't succeed the blood of Jesus in fact no soilder should be in American military unless they sworn first under GOD

  4. Avatar

    Let’s see… while Trump was giving to the black community, winning awards from the NAACP, enacting a bill to grant college funds for black youth for a decade and engineering the lowest minority unemployment in history what was Biden doing? Speaking at a prominent KKK members funeral who also happened to be one of Joes best friends in congress, telling “poor” kids he wants them to be as smart as white kids and telling people they aren’t black if they don’t vote for him.
    Anyone with common sense and a memory knows Trump isn’t a racist and anyone who can read and does ten minutes of research will find Biden clearly is. SMH, all they left has is the same old tired stories that hold no water whatsoever.

  5. Avatar

    Got to have rocks in your head to think about Biden leading a country. 50+ years and nothing to show for it except getting family rich.

  6. Avatar

    If the media was in any way fair, they would be hammering Joe Biden and be asking him every single time, "Do you denounce Marxism?" in the same way Trump was asked "Do you denounce white supremacy?", surprised he wasn't asked that for the 10 millionth time tonight.

  7. Avatar
    Emperor Charlemagne

    Recap: Biden straight up lied repeatedly
    Trump patted himself on the back, threw out a ton of stuff about Biden.
    Moderator wasn't too biased. definitely favored Biden, but she was mostly fair.

  8. Avatar

    He called Abraham Lincoln a racist president and compare trump to Abraham …… Abraham abolish slavery… joe has communist thinking

  9. Avatar

    So are we just ignoring the fact that Joe's own VP called him a racist?

  10. Avatar

    We already know that the racism spews out of the left. They have no problem attacking or killing minorities and women if they are Trump supporters or conservatives. They also have problem with words and definitions.

  11. Avatar

    I was embarrassed for Biden. He was so bad. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to vote for Biden after this. Another Trump victory.

  12. Avatar

    They didn't take in God we trust off the money cause GOD blessed America and no man deny our fathers blood

  13. Avatar
    Matthew Viramontes

    Perhaps this will make sense to me in the morning when I sober up a bit, but why did Biden call Trump Lincoln?

  14. Avatar

    When democrats are backed in the corner they pull out the good ole race card and with trump that is the most stupid shit ever….even before trump was president he was doing more for blacks then anyone and that’s history and facts you can look up all day…..hell NAACP even awarded trump for his work….that’s why we haven’t heard a peep out of the NAACP and most blacks about racism with trump….it’s white liberals as usual the most racist of all claiming racism! that’s all they can do….trumps racist! Trumps supporters are racist! We’re all deplorable according to Dems…..thank god the election is almost done….trump will have 4 more years to terrorize democrats and expose them beyond recognition….

  15. Avatar

    Joe is 100% a lying, racist (“you ain’t black) swamp monster. He told us in the debate he didn’t accept money from Ukraine and China when he was VP (lies), he won’t end fracking (lies), said he won’t raise our taxes (lies), and he said he’ll shut off government subsidies to OIL!!! Unbelievable. Remember gas prices in 2009, 2010, etc??? Yeah…that was Obama and Biden folks. Lying Joe!! Trump isn’t the most presidential man ever, but he is the only option at this point. Joe is all talk, no action.

  16. Avatar

    Abe Lincoln WON the debate.

  17. Avatar
    Why why why Why why why

    Ah yes, right up there with Abe Lincoln

  18. Avatar

    “Dog whistle the size of a fog horn?” 🤔

  19. Avatar

    Latinos for Trump

  20. Avatar

    Does anyone know who is Tony Bobulinski ? I heard he was a business partner who is exposing DAMAGING material on Trump !!! Is this true ?

  21. Avatar

    Why the hell are you giving your own opinion USA Today. Your a news agency who gives facts and details not your damn opinion. You are fake, you should be ashamed of what you are doing to this country.

  22. Avatar

    Trump annihilated studdering joe thats for sure.

  23. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

  24. Avatar

    lot of morons in these comments

  25. Avatar

    Trumps right. He has done more for the black community than Obama ever did.

  26. Avatar

    If you say racist enough times, you get an Honorary Race Hustler Card from Al Sharpton.

  27. Avatar

    Biden is what United States of America needs.. Trump is racist. If u don't believe it then u r one.. Biden 2020

  28. Avatar

    Thought the moderator did this:
    She always allowed Joe to give a rebuttal to Trump every time without saying “let’s move on while he was talking but always spoke over Trump if wanted to rebut Biden. Very biased. Joe liked clumsy and not all there. Trump won hands down. Great job President Trump. Very proud you are my President. They lie about you and you socked it to Joe and we all kniw you did.

  29. Avatar

    Just b/c Lincoln freed the slaves, didn't mean he thought they were equal to everyone else. Let's be clear on that.

  30. Avatar

    The thumbs down button was disliked by neo-nazis

  31. Avatar

    Soo laughable.!

  32. Avatar

    I am not a politician, but you and your Democratic Party have undermined American democracy and the American rule of law system. You and your Democrats are destroying press freedom in the United States, and now (cnn) they will report your remarks to the New York Times. They did this in exactly the same way as CCTV and People’s Daily. By deceiving the American people, you and your Democratic Party will corrupt and disappear the traditional American democratic and rule of law system. What you did before and during the debate is weakening American values. Your lies reminded me of the Communist Party, the evil party. In some ways, you are like the CCP deceiving the country and the people. You sacrificed the long-term well-being of the country in order to realize certain personal interests. For example, the Democratic Party uses such terrible ideas as extremism and appeasement. Introduced to the United States. Your actions are destroying the democratic and legal system established by the American people. The future direction of the United States depends on the wisdom of the American people. I hope that the American people will use their wisdom and struggle. Use the traditional American rule of law system to strengthen the United States again. Thank you all, this is my hope.

  33. Avatar

    Joe Biden once said he didn't want his kids to grow up in a "racial jungle" in regards to desegregation. Fact checked by snopes as "correct attribution."

  34. Avatar

    Why isn't the media reporting on Biden's laptop in FBI custody? With evidence of his corruption

  35. Avatar

    At a July 2019 Democratic presidential debate, CNN’s Dana Bash asked Biden, “Would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a Biden administration?” He responded, “No, we would work it out. We would make sure it’s eliminated.”

  36. Avatar

    Trump is the best President we have ever had.

  37. Avatar

    He said Trump has a big dog whistle !! 😂😂😂😂 Biden knows cuz he be blowing it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  38. Avatar

    Abe is dead. Not right that he resurrect his legacy in the name of shaming his opponent. Plus since when was abe a racist lmao

  39. Avatar

    USA Today has lost its way!

  40. Avatar

    Come on people, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden suffer from RACISM!!

  41. Avatar

    Harris called Biden a racist, now she's in bed with him.

  42. Avatar
    Kimberly Greenland

    Joe Biden falls back on typical democrat talking points. They are ALL TALK. Trump actually helped black Americans. Joe is not only racist, he's a LYING RACIST.

  43. Avatar

    A vote for Biden and Kamala is a vote to keep people in prison for cheap labor!

  44. Avatar

    Poor Boys JoeMentia!!!!

  45. Avatar

    Biden and Obama started putting kids in cages..look it up. Easy to find the pictures..unless Google removed them. 😒

  46. Avatar

    What's wrong with you usa today . Out of the whole debate this is the topic u want to show . Shame on you .

  47. Avatar
    Gabe the film and novel expert Donovan

    Biden had some statements that really did make me feel more understanding for some things I want the country to do like reunite people together and maybe just give the country a second chance to be united as one .

    Biden for president

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