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Biden and Trump's dueling town halls in 3 minutes

President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared at separate town halls on Oct. 15, the night that was supposed to be their second debate. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Louis-Alexandre Simard

    85% of mask wearers catch it. That isn't even remotely possible.

  2. Avatar

    @Carl E. QANON? You can answer this question for yourself.

  3. Avatar

    Trump making/saying another false claim, (it's ridiculous from him)

    Trump saying 85% of people who wears mask get Covid 19 virus, when the actual/true fact is, in the survey 85% of people stated to wearing masks.

    It was good for Suzanne Lynch to correct Trump on that, (If Suzanne had failed to correct Trump on that) Trump would have said, (I never said this, I never said that etc etc) like Trump does to so many things, (different things) plain nasty from Trump, no to 4 more years, vote Trump out.

  4. Avatar

    Laughing 😆 at Trump!
    Now he claims Biden is part of a crime family! 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Someone has to ween Trump off those steroids!

  5. Avatar

    How the media hates Trump and loves Biden in 3 minutes…
    Whip the President, butt kiss Biden…so transparent.

  6. Avatar

    One is pandering to him and the other is aggressive debate 😂

  7. Avatar

    I can't believe all the people in these comments who are seriously pro-QAnon but somehow support that the left is Fake News.

  8. Avatar

    Clickbait 😂

  9. Avatar

    Tough questions to trump softball questions to Biden that’s what I took away??

  10. Avatar

    “ThE mEdIa IsNt BiAsEd”

  11. Avatar

    EX vice president, thank you.

    Quit your winning Joe!

  12. Avatar

    T doesn’t care if someone believes his words.

  13. Avatar

    "crazy uncle Trump" 😁👍

  14. Avatar

    Well, this is certainly a really good one, thanks! What about vein-free, painless, and beautiful looking legs the next month? Pay attention, there are a few sensible ways to make it happen. Nevertheless, what precisely works and what doesn't? I understand it's not for everyone, but after Mabel Rindebel's technique, there might be a good alternative, even if the varicose veins are "stubborn".

  15. Avatar
    gloria corea centeno

    Donald trump no prolife. Jake. The evagelicos. When close de door. Trump want power

  16. Avatar

    possibly I did, possibly I didn't — the man who "knows everything," "has the best memory" of anyone, and who alone can fix things, didn't know if he took a test, or didn't remember it.

  17. Avatar

    Thank God America's finding out what a piece of crap is Biden group this socialist Democratic group it's amazing that these criminals just get away with everything

  18. Avatar

    George Stephanopoulos is without a doubt a two-faced lying piece of crap

  19. Avatar

    The evidence is clear now, we always knew it but now it’s been proven as the NY Post article shows. Biden is corrupt. Hunter’s laptop has all the leaked emails on it

  20. Avatar

    Watch out people we still got Communists here watching us that ate the president or socialist whatever you call him

  21. Avatar

    That was so embarrassing to see how different both of those men were treated! SAVANNAH SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF HERSELF!!! Lost all respect for her!!! Complete bull crap bias!!!

  22. Avatar

    Biden had a town hall. Trump has a debate. And he won.

  23. Avatar

    Why doesn't someone tell 45 that "antifa" isn't a group?? It's just an abbreviated form of anti-fascism/anti-fascist. Interrupt him just like he does everyone else.

  24. Avatar

    The Wapo / MSM editorial bias is just nauseating

  25. Avatar

    So biased. These news channels should be ashamed of themselves.

  26. Avatar
    This is me!!!scott hathaway is that you???

    Makes me laugh how soft they are on biden but hard on trump just shows how bias the media really is as far as im concerned cnn,msnbc,abc,and so on every single reporter should be fired because of thier biased and baseless accusations and the way they treat the president its not fare its all rigged to go against trump it truly is and you can clearly see tht many Canadians can see it and we are not putting our trust into the media if you can even call them media anymore cuz they sure as hell dont report on any news at all its all trump bashing so I say fire everyone of them and get back to actual journalism…

  27. Avatar

    The moderators even came with a dribble bib for Old Joe with his name on it

  28. Avatar

    Why do they attack and criticize the president and speaks soft and sweet toward Biden?

  29. Avatar

    I felt bad for the moderator. She was no good. Just a low down dirty shame. No good, I tell ya. No good. Really, no good.

  30. Avatar

    That was the best massage Biden had had in years. I'm surprised he didn't fall asleep under Stephanopoulos' gentle, soothing touch. The only thing missing was some new age music and/or sounds of ocean waves.

  31. Avatar

    Where is the hidden Hunter Biden story?

  32. Avatar

    Similar questions?
    Trump under interrogator
    Biden softballs
    No same razor

  33. Avatar

    Did you you take a test on the day of the debate

    Trump: possibly I did possibly I didn’t
    😂😂😂😂😂😂 Trump is hilarious

  34. Avatar

    George Stephanopoulos brought out the oils and gave Biden a massage on live television with his weak, soft-ball questions since the media is incapable of imbibing in actual, objective journalism. Oh, a people collectively forgot that Stephanopoulos worked in the Clinton Administration.

  35. Avatar

    One sounds like a President. The other sounds like a crazy uncle.
    The United States is seen around the world as severely weakened internationally and a basket case internally under Trump.

  36. Avatar

    Lol this dementia guy lose why people support him so weird…weak and some people call him sleepy…gaddam so true ✌from Malaysia

  37. Avatar

    WTF Washington Post, nice try, try and splice this to make the President look bad.

  38. Avatar

    Trump tries to tell us how awful it would be if former VP Biden was president. And I know trump is the worst nightmare real America has seen. With so many precious lives lost, so much hate from a president. And why should I believe trump? To quote trump " well, what you tell me doesn't necessarily make it fact" . And I think to myself… You want me believe what you say? I won't because you are a liar! I choose honesty.

  39. Avatar

    lying traitor trump absolutely cannot be truthful !!!

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