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Beto O'Rourke on gun control: 'Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15'

Presidential contender Beto O’Rourke does not shy away from saying he would require citizens to turn in their military-style weapons when asked about gun control during Thursday night’s Democratic debate.  ‘Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,’ O’Rourke said in one of the biggest lines of the night. O’Rourke added: ‘We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans any more.’ He said some people at a gun show accepted the weapons were not needed for hunting.
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  1. Avatar

    Any government that is willing to remove the 2nd amendment is a tyrannical government.. if it comes to that, then it is legal for citizens to use arms in defense and any gov official will be tried and hanged possibly tortured for treason against the American people.

  2. Avatar

    The guy is a gas bag and stinks like raw sewage drifting along a curb line in Baltimore

  3. Avatar

    Start at 0.20 all bullets do that, ripped through anything lmao

  4. Avatar

    Beto is a little bag of bluster.
    He's not taking anything.

  5. Avatar

    A mediocre manlet, previously arrested for burglary, drunk driving and hit and run, now married to a billionaire heiress and grandstanding on confiscating the legally and peacefully acquired private property of millions of law abiding citizens. What a winner.

  6. Avatar

    Hell no you won't. You don't have a chance in hell of winning.

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    For a guy who hates bloodshed so much, he seems kind of intent on creating it…

  9. Avatar

    It'll be a cold day in hell before you get mine. What're you gonna do? Use weapons and force to repeal the 2nd amendment? That'll really sell everyone on the idea that we don't these firearms to battle tyrants like you.

  10. Avatar

    Gracias Beto, now I know I will DEFINITELY not vote for you. You are spreading lies just like the current president, you're NO BETTER!

  11. Avatar

    Would the editor of "The Guardian" be so kind to please inform Beto what happened the last time a tyrant tried to take Americans' rifles?

  12. Avatar

    He should be tried for treason against out country.

  13. Avatar

    And an other million semi auto rifles sold! Great job dude!

  14. Avatar

    That booger eatin spaz! Makes me wanna puke!!!

  15. Avatar

    if the government are allowed guns then so should the people everyone has the right to defend themselves

  16. Avatar

    Burglar Beta can kiss my white a**.

  17. Avatar

    they cant be trusted, they have to lie, they are in constant fear based on inability to control and manipulate democracy and are constantly trying to overcompensate and project it, they have all the resources media partnerships rigged authority and exploitation agendas to impress and intimidate with yet they are the definitions of revoked service and unconstitutional corrupt scams seeking to subvert. their message is polluted compromised warped and unacceptable, and they have to try to fight even dirtier because of that. lol.

  18. Avatar

    Great to hear this from a presidential candidate. There's no reason why ordinary civilians should own assault rifles — it's just madness.

  19. Avatar

    Hey Bob…..you're not taking my gun(s) and you will never be President. Call it quits now……while you can save some face.

  20. Avatar

    Anyone who obeys a Red Flag Law is a COWARD.

  21. Avatar

    Don't need a Gun to kill O'Rourke's scrauny @$$

  22. Avatar

    Whomever voted for this tyrannical POS must be contemplating suicide at this point. Don't do it. Dust yourself off and vote him out. Your country needs you.

  23. Avatar

    Sheep can clap?? That's amazing!!!

  24. Avatar

    a .45 auto was designed for military use. he gonna take those too. the 30-06 was used in wwii. he gonna take those too?

  25. Avatar

    Who's "we're?" Got a mouse in your pocket, you POS? And Trump's Hitler 2.0? Buy it cheap and stack it deep, people! The true authoritarians have spoken and we're all witness to their tyrannical rhetoric! Need more proof? Violation of the 2A? Check. Violation of the 4A? Check. Violation of the 6A? Check.

  26. Avatar

    Politicians want to reduce their so-called "gun violence" by utilizing gun violence and the threat of violence to accomplish this? Wait, what?

  27. Avatar

    The Amendments to our Constitution are inalienable, sacrosanct, inviolable, sacred, hallowed, etc. etc. etc. Let it sink in, tyrants!

  28. Avatar

    This is what all Commies do. You were warned America.

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