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Bernie Sanders on health care: Joe Biden doesn't know what he's talking about

CNN’s Anderson Cooper speaks with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders after ABC’s Democratic primary debate.

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    LOVE BERNIE, I wish if we have a Bernie like you in Canada.

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    ALL the demonrat candidates are LYING, you can take EVERY DOLLAR from everyone who makes over 100,000 a year and it still WON'T pay for their healthcare plans. THEY ARE LYING. They want to BANKRUPT our country.

  3. Avatar

    Bernie is 78, but he sounds 20 compared to Biden. Infinitely sharper and more articulate than him.

  4. Avatar


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    Anderson Cooper is so full of shit. Thank you for regurgitating right-wing talking points! It's really sad that Americans still buy his garbage.

  6. Avatar

    lol just keep asking Bernie questions about what he said she said.

  7. Avatar

    The government has no right to force anyone to buy a product. I don't care what side your on here.

  8. Avatar

    All the Democrats are clowns, they went to far left and it will cost them dearly….in 2020. America is a republic , will never be government ran, socialism.

  9. Avatar

    All there Democrats are nonsense,nothing but a bunch of losers. You have booker and Harris playing the race card,Castro who wants to give abortion rights to transgender men?!? You god Tim Ryan who’s basically said he wants us to stay in the Middle East. Warren who wants to raise taxes . And a freaking dumb Asian American like Andrew yang who flat out doesn’t know what the hell hes talking about. I can’t wait till trump,gets re elected in 2020.

  10. Avatar

    Hey Bernie Sanders. You said Donald Trump is "The most dangerous President this Country has ever had." I"m willing to bet you couldn't name a fraction of the past Presidents our Country has had. Further more their accomplishments or failures. Better Luck next time.

  11. Avatar

    You're all fools to think anything will change. The best candidate is the one who's not in this suggested pile of shit. Tulsi Gabbard was done after she bitch slapped Harris. Kamala Harris is married to AIPAC and will be the nefarious DNC candidate of their choosing. Just like 2016 your vote means shit.

  12. Avatar

    Cooper is wrong. Castro was right. Except that it was four minutes not two minutes. Check out the video. The exchange starts right away:


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    You know we are in trouble when Anderson Cooper is pissing me off. Anderson, you will never have to deal with the health care horror story that average people have to because you're a millionaire and always will be. I'm from Canada. Stop talking about private insurance. They are vultures, and now you fucking are too.

  14. Avatar

    Fuck andy cooper you dumb shit asshole

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    Seems like in today’s America, it is a fact your chance of dying from stress due to excessive worries about your inability to afford health insurance (and not from an actual illness) is very good.
    This is happening in America, the land of Hope and Glory! The country with the richest economy in the world! Isn’t it time to end this scandalous situation with health insurance nightmare?

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    Who wins in an afflicted, Socialist, arm flailing contest???Bernie or Pocahontas???

  17. Avatar

    Castro Out … because he wanted to hit the front runner and was being petty – He is on the edge .. drop him like rotten egg

  18. Avatar

    We need to end the electoral college. I live in a republican leaning state, so it doesn't matter if I vote for a Democrat, when more people are going to vote republican. So much for every vote counts. Because it Does Not!

  19. Avatar

    Socialism has killed ten million people in the last 100 years, socialism is slavery and it kills

  20. Avatar

    At least Comrade Bernie has the support of his Communist partners in Russia. Do you think the fix is in at the DNC this go around? You bet ya! Probably fly under the radar a little better this time around. Running out of other people to blame however.

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    Im for yang BUT I respect Biden. He doesn't stop pushing and trying for what he believes is best thus he has built a reputation to go against the big companies.

  22. Avatar

    Bernie's been working his ass off, traveling all over this country, trying to let the American people know that we CAN use our own tax money to make our lives better. We don't have to fork it over to Corporations and billionaires.
    Anderson Cooper was born a multi millionaire, just like Trump. He knows nothing about the struggles of the average American.

  23. Avatar

    No American flag on the stage… telling.

  24. Avatar

    I finally agree with Bernie lol. Nah I don't. Trump 2020 bitches

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    Most American millennials are the"feel good" type of people. They live in the own reality where everything is free, they don't have to work, or of they do, they get paid $100 hour to flip burgers.

    Bernie wants to give away free stuff to everyone, yet failed to answer the question, WHERE WILL THE MONEY TO FUND THE STUFF COME FROM?

    his answer is probably that he will tax the rich and large corporations more. A rational person would understand that even he we tax the wealthy 100% of their income, we won't be able to fund 10% of the things he promised.

    Bernie's healthcare plan requires at least $3 trillion a year. Even if we tax the entire population of the US 100% of their income, we'll run out of money in less than 4 years. Remind you, we still have funding for free education, and all the other free stuff he promised left.
    I'm not even gonna get into our habit of abusing the system, especially when it's free.

    Healthcare is necessary, but his plan is not sustainable and even a good high school math student can tell you that.

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