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Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialism | USA TODAY

Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will deliver an address at George Washington University in Washington on democratic socialism, the political ideology that he and a growing number of young Democrats adhere to. Sanders is expected to defend his brand of socialism as a continuation of the policies of FDR and the New Deal, stressing equality in American prosperity.

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  1. Avatar

    new new deal you got my vote bernie

  2. Avatar

    Thank you for being expletive in your motives. I support every single (edit: current right wing populist) world leader you mentioned and for all the reasons you mentioned. The balance of culture and assimilation is what you call xenophobia then fine. Its war then. Let the global civil war begin. We will save you from your own insanity. You couldn't be like Yang and just find a way to tax the mega-rich in a reasonable manner and create a trickle up scenario. You just had to call for revolution. Bring it on, you'll lose everytime. I'll take this so called corporate oligarchy anyday over your brand of authoritarianism.

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    IMO, FDR was the greatest president we've had yet. Bernie has the policies to be the best! #bernie2020 #ocasiocortez2028 Let's actually make this country great for everyone!

  5. Avatar

    Social democracy not democratic socialism bernie

  6. Avatar

    Pretty sure the establishment feel threatened to lose their power.

  7. Avatar

    When you are setting in the street starving—–hope you look back on today and reliaze this movement helped do it for you.You do not yake from the rich——they will move their money out of this country. Just saying. When you live by the Government—-Look around the world you die by the GOVERNMENT. All that Bernie is talking about never bothered him when he took the money and Run. Go away Bernie your message is old.

  8. Avatar

    I was there — I met great people at this event. The energy was electric (and my first time seeing him speak in person). Luv ya wherever you are. #feelthebern #notmeallofus #bernie2020

  9. Avatar

    You would not have a message wothout a ism or a phobia. Wake up America these Democrats live by dividing history proves it. IF YOU HAVE A PHONE.

  10. Avatar

    Bernie just moved up a gear here. Love it.

  11. Avatar

    Everyone needs to hear this speech – finish the New Deal, finish the dreams of MLK and FDR. <3

  12. Avatar

    Feeling the burn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
    From here in the UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
    Go 🇺🇸🇺🇸 America you can do it

  13. Avatar

    Billionaires benefitting by far the most from our current system, label any modest change to it as (insert any extreme negative adjective) SOCIALISM.

  14. Avatar

    Biden is the successor of Obama Administration. His Brain is programmed for Obama Era. During the time of President Obama, my health insurance premium went up by 15%. This is mainly to subsidize Obamacare. As a middle class, did my life or earnings changed? Absolutely not!!! I instead i lost my sleep over the bills. What did Obama do for private student loan? Nothing!!! Does Biden have anything new in his campaign? I love Bernie…point Blank. Joe Biden is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industries so that medicare for all cannot come into play. Because of Joe Biden, votes for democrats will be divided. Even though i am a registered Democrat, i wont vote for Joe Biden. So Trump will come again for sure!!! Biden is no different than Hillary. Same game over and over.

  15. Avatar

    The most important speech of the 21st century to date. The oligarchs are going to the dustbin of history.

  16. Avatar

    Democrats choose to believe lies. Socialism is Cuba and Venezuela, the Northern European countries are not socialist but rather free market nanny states.

  17. Avatar

    I'm glad our country has wealthy people. They do not hurt me at all, in fact, these are the folks that create businesses and provide jobs. It's who we are in capitalist America. Socialists should move to Venezuela.

  18. Avatar

    Why the dark tint USA Today? Not needed and for sure is not what it looked like on other cameras directly by you. Cut the crap anyone with a brain sees the corporate media for what it is and the constant games and little bit of BS you do to hurt progressive candidates is just annoying at this point.

  19. Avatar

    Where is the CNN coverage? They jump up and down to coverage Biden, but never cover Bernie.

  20. Avatar

    "Oligarche"… Next this old pink is going to star ranting about the "proletariat and the bourgeoisie."

  21. Avatar

    👏💞 Bernie IS the man !!

  22. Avatar

    If Bernie Sanders becomes President by 2020 I truly hope by the Grace of God in Jesus Christ, He said that he would create a modern day 21th Century Bill of Rights bill, But from a economic view for all average americans, In response to say that he will be trying to bring back into "Redemption" of the Bill of Rights of what Franklin D. Roosevelt was trying to pass in order to complete, Before his death.

  23. Avatar

    Bernie Sanders is trying to "Avenge" of what FDR was trying to complete, Bernie Sanders want's to continue to further FDR pursuit.

  24. Avatar

    Bernie is an idiot, he will say whatever you want him to.

  25. Avatar

    Around the European Globe of The World "Feel The Bern", And it's "Contagious", But a good sensation one at that.

  26. Avatar

    He’s fake! He’s for gorge soros

  27. Avatar

    As a Jew I find this man repulsive. He spent his honeymoon in Moscow. He is a Soviet and needs to be brought up on treason charges. All commies need to die for treason. This commie is the enemy to the Constitution he he swore to uphold it. He is a commie and needs to be tried for treason

  28. Avatar

    what a saccharin jerk this gold-digger is. phoney-sweet, will eventually cripple you *barf*

  29. Avatar

    You Bernie Fans do know he owns 3 homes and was paid off by the Clinton campaign?

  30. Avatar

    Epic speech, laying out a strategy to complete the unfinished work of FDR’s New Deal. Bernie’s never been more overtly progressive, or more presidential.

  31. Avatar

    The time has come for Democratic Socialism. Let Balsonaro be the LAST right-wing authoritarian to be elected into power.

    Trickle UP Economics for the WIN!

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