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Bernie Sanders celebrates thunderous Nevada caucuses win

Bernie Sanders has celebrated a huge win at the caucuses in Nevada, putting him clearly in front of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination a week before the South Carolina primary and then Super Tuesday on 3 March, when 14 states will vote. Sanders, who had already moved on to San Antonio Texas, celebrated a win that ‘brought together a multigenerational, multiracial coalition’ after winning in Nevada, a state that is nearly 30% Latino, 10% black and has a rapidly growing Asian American community
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  1. Avatar

    "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." 💙Bernie the People's Voice💙

  2. Avatar

    He has as much chance as Steptoe. No chance.

  3. Avatar

    Alright so.. time to figure out this number for Trump v Bernie : What's the most someone can win by popular vote and still lose ? Cynical but if I may say, probable : Bernie wins by 10 mill clear and Trump rolls on..

  4. Avatar

    USA and Europe are on the right path to help poor People …. other Countries are refusing to help and pay they share and so get Isolated with the worst Image in the World for the next Century. Enjoy !!

  5. Avatar

    Research his history 🤭 America is full drones

  6. Avatar

    Comments vanishing quick today

  7. Avatar

    If Bernie becomes candidate then this election will no longer be a referendum on Trump, it will become a referendum on socialism…

  8. Avatar

    This guy is so old what are you doing?

  9. Avatar

    Mainstream media:
    – Bernie plummets to 1st place
    – A Bernie supporter said something mean on twitter
    – Bernie is Putin in disguise
    – Mayor Pete "I am not a psychopath" Bootyjuice victorious in 3rd place.

  10. Avatar

    Comments vanished comments pushed to the bottom and these yanks research nothing cos this mans history is wow Itler would be proud

  11. Avatar

    Spoken like a millionaire socialist. Hillary comes in at the 11th hour a bernie pockets another beach house

  12. Avatar

    November disappointment inbound

  13. Avatar

    This is why Bernie is winning, by not playing identity politics! The Labour Party should take note of this.

  14. Avatar

    The Left – We hate old rich white guys!
    The Left – Go Bernie!!

  15. Avatar

    If Bernie were to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour you would earn $31,200 a year.
    He would then fund free healthcare by raising taxes to 52% on anyone earning more than $29,000 a year. Think about that for as long as you like

  16. Avatar

    I think the real focus has to be on retaining the house, and taking the senate, then no matter who is president, the likes of Barr, and all of trumps enablers can we investigated and impeached if its found they broke the law, and hopefully serve prison time, Then, even if Trump wins, he is powerless, he has lost his backer, and enablers, and then can be impeached a second time, and this time, can be found guilty and removed .

  17. Avatar

    Bernie is so confident of a socialist victory, he's prepared to put your house on it!

  18. Avatar

    Hold on so Bernie is gonna be President?

  19. Avatar

    Just make him president ❤️

  20. Avatar

    Can an avowed socialist appeal to the moderates and independants?
    Especially when he is mainly running on an platform of massively transforming the economy, when the economy is doing extremely well?

  21. Avatar

    Surely must be too old to be president

  22. Avatar

    America’s economy doing well ppl vote on how wealthy they are it’s undeniable the big T has done a great job with the economy he’s gonna win again Americans are lucky to have him

  23. Avatar

    Socialism gaining momentum = Gold price rising

  24. Avatar

    Trump will crush Bernie like the Tories crushed labour.

  25. Avatar

    Clenched fist sign ? How embarrassing for a man of his years . Leave it to the 6th form common room .

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