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Belarus police fire stun grenades at peaceful protesters

Belarusian police have used stun grenades against protesters as tens of thousands of people headed towards Independence Palace in the capital, Minsk, demanding that President Alexander Lukashenko resign. They were marching to give what they called a ‘people’s ultimatum’ to Lukashenko: step down, or face a nationwide strike that could cripple the economy. Protesters were met with a violent crackdown from riot police as explosions and white smoke filled residential areas. It is the 11th straight weekend of mass protests since a disputed election plunged the country into turmoil
Belarus ‘people’s ultimatum’ protest met with violent crackdown
Belarus: personal stories from a country in turmoil – documentary

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    War zone coming soon 2021: America divided

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    Alexander lukashenko is a dictator in belarus that jail's and kill's opposition in belarus.

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    Ohhhh lorddddddd

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    I noticed how "police", are hiding now, in most countries. That's a ⚠️
    Seems they're ashamed of what they'll do for their paycheck. Wow wthef am i?

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    They will do anything to stay in office including causing harm to people who he thinks wont vote him back in. We are already in the second wave of this pandemic. Its already on record that these devices cause pulmonary and respiratory health issues.

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