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Beirut explosion: Protests erupt in Lebanon over deadly blast

Two days after the devastating port explosion in Beirut, protests have erupted as evidence mounts of government negligence in the lead up to the explosion.

Crystal Goomansingh reports on the anger, and calls for change in the wake of the deadly blast.

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  1. Avatar

    I support a global investigation.

  2. Avatar

    Who responsible people not bad there government is bad .

  3. Avatar

    What is Macaroni going to do? He's likely deeply involved in the "accident".

  4. Avatar
    teetering ontheedge

    corruption? don't trust government? are we talking about kanada or beirut?

  5. Avatar
    Patrick Whitehead

    4 days to investigate…… pathetic !

  6. Avatar

    Israel was quick to say it wasn’t them

  7. Avatar

    It's better no help at all. France is a powerful nation and has the ability to help. It once had a huge empire including Lebanon; it should step up and help it's former colony. I see this as positive.

  8. Avatar
    A Traversable Philosophy

    find who is responsible, The fire marshal looking for the arsonist when the arsonist is the fire, Marchal.

  9. Avatar

    Watch the cover up that will start from now…

  10. Avatar

    something fundementaly wrong with this culyure and people, seems this disaster inevetable leaving highly explosive material sitting on dock for years while they wine and dine in nieghbouring blocks daily, probably these people cant survive anyway untill they dramaticaly change their awareness of reality.

  11. Avatar

    The investigation will be a joke. Hezbollah has controlled Lebanon for many years. The ammonium nitrate was considered an asset and deliberately kept.

  12. Avatar

    Awesome, next time they wont habour deadly chemicals 👍

  13. Avatar

    Israel did it👍

  14. Avatar

    Allah! Reham

  15. Avatar

    Either Lebanon will be experiencing a revolution or foreign countries will occupy the country in the guise of humanitarian aid.

  16. Avatar
    Lightningamez LXG

    There is no point in searching the rubble. It’s a waste of time, almost all the time there dead.

  17. Avatar

    I'll bet there will be more ports destroyed in other countries. The global supply chain is being sabotaged.

  18. Avatar

    Governments know our weeknesses. The destruction of family and our faith. So they use these weeknesses as a way to control us. This is worldwide. Fasting and Prayer is our only solution and unleashing god against the enemies that come against us like wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  19. Avatar

    Wheres the "Explosion in Beirut, due to Covid" title at? 😂🤣💁🤦

  20. Avatar

    Well, Macron’s show time! The French colonists are back!

  21. Avatar

    Get Hizbollah (Iran's proxy) out of Lebanon otherwise nothing will change, the weapon storage that exploded belongs to them, they made Lebanon into a dumpster.

  22. Avatar
    JED-Evan45 Gaming

    Together we stand with Beirut

  23. Avatar

    Blast?? that looked like a damn bomb was dropped!!!

  24. Avatar

    Lebanon is going to it's 2nd civil war😥

  25. Avatar

    Hope they catch who did it…

  26. Avatar
    Robert Cornelius

    Damn. Why can't we Americans buy fireworks like those in Beirut? Uh, they were fireworks, right?

  27. Avatar

    The chemicals in the air are going to infect people

  28. Avatar

    The people of Lebanon are facing a very difficult time in their history. But, the French president has a very different agenda compared to the one he is vending. I trust that the people of Beirut do not allow a foreign nation, especially one that has been it's master before, interfer in its affairs.

  29. Avatar

    I heard the US has sent some help of Some kind. Blessings and Prayers to the Families

  30. Avatar
    Bryan Hernandez-Chambi

    Something doesn’t feel right considering many people knew about the storage of these explosives

  31. Avatar
    2gointruth With Good News of The True Gospel

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  32. Avatar

    All self-inflicted!

  33. Avatar

    It’s all very well probing into the cause but the real probe has to be into the government and the political activities that are occurring that have also influenced this matter

  34. Avatar

    I'm confused aren't there elections in Lebanon? They can vote the corrupt out

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