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Beirut explosion: Protesters angered over blast demand justice

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Beirut on Saturday, angered over the deadly explosions that left at least 158 people dead and thousands injured in what they’ve called negligence on the part of the Lebanon government.

More than 6,000 people were also injured, and dozens are still missing.

As Mike Drolet explains, international aid is being sent to the city, but several countries are ensuring the support is not being given to the government.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank you Canada for not sending money to the corrupt government

  2. Avatar
    Toast and Marmalade

    Here's an opportunity for the WE brothers to put their considerable money where their big mouths are and do some actual charitable work for a change instead of spending their time getting rich off the backs of Canadian taxpayers.

  3. Avatar
    Guadalupe Rubino


  4. Avatar

    Scary thought….. Keep repeating 0:55

  5. Avatar

    The government needs to give it up and resign…..

  6. Avatar

    Peaceful protest in Hong Kong is replicating everywhere

  7. Avatar

    If the whole world and this country is saying to not send money to the government because there so corrupt. That should be enough evidence that the government officials need to be replaced and investigated

  8. Avatar

    Israel is behind this because of their desire to make Greater Israel. Don't believe me? Israel is the only country in the world that has expanded in size by 600% in last 60 years. Ambitious much?

  9. Avatar

    I’d blame the government too
    They left 2,750 tons of high explosive material in a fireworks warehouse

  10. Avatar
    Dmitrik Guajardo

    Dont send money. Theyll just buy more ammonium nitrate

  11. Avatar

    They need money now. Lots of it.

  12. Avatar

    This is NOT a chemical explosion. This was a Thermobaric Bomb, a nuclear small tactic bomb !!! This was a terrorist attack using a missile !!!! DONT BELIVE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, THEY ARE LYING !!!!!

  13. Avatar

    My heart is breaking for these people. So much unnecessary pain and suffering. For what? The cost of negligence. Did I hear the government say it is going to find out who is responsible? Sounds like an alcoholic pledging to find out where all the grocery money went. The people's anger appears justified and I hope the good people of Lebanon get new and committed leaders who actually have their safety and welfare in mind.

  14. Avatar

    STOP destroying the country otherwise you all end up in war. protesting peaceful is your right,
    Learn from others nations once they were developed like your and look at them know.

  15. Avatar

    God bless all people that died or got hurt

  16. Avatar

    why do idiots in this world have to protest about E V E R Y T H I N G
    just go home and work, don't you have a life?

  17. Avatar

    Don't blame terrorist on this blast because it wasn't them.

  18. Avatar
    The Ripped Reaper

    Is Mia Khalifa okay?

  19. Avatar
    SpringYBois Gaming Corner 2.0

    Hahaha So They Go to protest Becuase there dying after a blast but you know what just throw tear gas at them you know Becuase that's how you treat protests

  20. Avatar

    This has Clinton written all over it

  21. Avatar

    Canada is sending the money to the terrorists who operate in Lebanon.

  22. Avatar

    How much more days does 2020 end, it tortured us enough

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    I don't blame the people…I'd be upset too and how come they had terrorist chemicals in one spot??? A bit fishy

  25. Avatar

    Wait did they throw bombs?!!

  26. Avatar

    This reporter is too serious and dramatic.

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