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Beirut explosion: Lebanese PM says early election is the only way out of crisis

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said during a televised address on Saturday that an early election would be the only way out of a structural crisis facing the country following a massive explosion in the port of Beirut that left at least 154 people dead and thousands more wounded.

“I call upon all the political parties to agree on the next phase –and they don’t have a lot of time – I am ready to take on this responsibility for a period of two months so they can reach an agreement,” he said.

Massive protests have erupted in Beirut following the explosion, as demonstrators call on the government to be punished for the negligence that they say led to the deadly blast.

Newly surfaced documents show authorities from Lebanon’s customs, military, security agencies and judiciary raised the alarm at least 10 times in the past six years over a massive stockpile of explosive chemicals that was being kept at the port in Beirut with no safeguards in place.

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020, the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate blew up, obliterating the city’s main commercial hub.

The explosion came at a time when Lebanon has been mired in its worst financial crisis in a decade.

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  1. Avatar

    100% a power grab, but hopefully the country will pull together to end the corruption.

  2. Avatar

    Wow…they’re government and our Democratic Party should get together.

  3. Avatar

    He wants out to leave the next guy to clean this up

  4. Avatar

    These government officials don't get it. They robbed the country, and left it in shambles, and now the same gangsters are calling for an early election. lol Psychopaths.

  5. Avatar

    Isn't the judiciary system one of the guilty parties?

  6. Avatar

    I think the place looks better now

  7. Avatar

    If he had any honour, he would step down and resign. As the leader of Lebanon, he is solely responsible.

  8. Avatar

    So Liberal of himself Turdeuo is the same.

  9. Avatar

    More government failures

  10. Avatar

    Power grab much? An election does absolutely nothing to help with recovery. All it does is distract and divide. I don't know the political situation in Lebanon, but I can't imagine how forcing an election actually helps??????

  11. Avatar

    This is what Canadians should do for an early election

  12. Avatar

    Oh global not showing the full truth The people built a gallows in the square and gave him two options walk or die

  13. Avatar

    The massive corruption and rule by terrorists are a thing of wonder. Between massive explosions and massive poverty, due to corruption, Lebanon is up to it's usual standards of silliness and malgovernment, eh. If the terrorists left and the government employees were hooked up to lie detectors, the public might thrive. Every middle east country seems to have the same problem. Lie detectors are the only thing protecting the public from corruption and the military dominance is of course a cheesy way to solve international problems. If the neighbors ever realize that being socially responsible is the future, they will thrive. Until lie detectors are installed in government offices, the poor will always suffer – like history shows. Same in Syria. This country used to promote tourism and now the tourists have a clear idea about how the country feels about any disagreements. The middle east is in the center of three continents, so geopolitically the Russians and others are heavily involved, destabilizing the region.

  14. Avatar

    Passing the buck, I see.

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