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Beirut explosion: Fire breaks out near Lebanese parliament amid clashes with protesters

Warning; This video contains violent content. Discretion advised.
Lebanese police fired tear gas to attempt to disperse rock-throwing protesters on Sunday in Beirut during the second day of anti-government demonstrations, which also saw a fire break out near parliament.

The fire began at an entrance to Parliament Square as demonstrators tried to break into a cordoned-off area. They also broke into the housing and transport ministry offices.

The recent protests were triggered by the devastating explosion on Tuesday that resulted in at least 158 deaths and thousands of injuries. Two government ministers have since resigned amid both the fallout over the blast and months of economic crisis, saying the government had failed to reform.

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  1. Avatar

    Looks like the U.S. as of late 😑. Very sad.

  2. Avatar

    Canada just sent them how much? lol smh

  3. Avatar

    You sure you didn't accidentally post footage of Portland ?

  4. Avatar
    Dannielle DeBruler

    Mercy for us all.

  5. Avatar

    Haven’t these people suffered enough. Beirut government just give it up and stop hurting these people.

  6. Avatar

    This was Israel's biggest mistake. Watch what happens to Israel in the next month.

  7. Avatar

    these people are so ungrateful

  8. Avatar

    Looks like there is more police than protestors…

  9. Avatar

    Damn!…to what has Lebanon become!….this country was a magical country in every way!…tourist use flood Lebanon!…

  10. Avatar

    this should be happening in Canada to rid our corrupt government and dictator Justin Turdo

  11. Avatar

    You really can't blame these people for being so angry change has to happen there.

  12. Avatar

    Hello feriends of lebanon i thing so that some body is going to asist again i know that the gover ment of france will gave a help again thank you.

  13. Avatar

    Making more fire is not a solution. These pictures are what the lebanese government wants to show: "See those riots." It would be much better and more effectful to sit or to stay in the streets singing with the flag. When a big mass comes together every night, without burning things, then there would be a better chance for revolution. We have experienced this in Germany 1989. This was an unviolent revolution and it was ssuccesful!

  14. Avatar

    What a bunch of noobs. Who's teaching these kids how to riot?

  15. Avatar

    Les peuples en ont assez de la corruption !!!!!!!

  16. Avatar

    Protesters seems like a loose term here

  17. Avatar
    shannen gasbarri

    It makes me angry and sad to see American protesters acting like entitled brats when there are people in the world going through what Beirut if going through right now.

  18. Avatar

    They need a change in government in order to begin the healing process economically.

  19. Avatar
    My Creative Learning

    lack of organization like hong kong and the usa.. waste of energy.. they need targets and 50,000 men in one group.

  20. Avatar

    these guys having a little too much fun lol

  21. Avatar

    At one time Beirut was a beautiful city. Now look at it. All because of corrupt politicians and terrorists.

  22. Avatar
    Yara Hesham Omar Zaki

    😡 i hate those guys not the pepole

  23. Avatar

    Macron is the very first to visit the place impacted by this huge disaster. The fact that no Lebanese leaders visit the people who suffered due to this blast (i.e prime minister, or president … except Beirut governor), simply a proof that those leaders know that they have betrayed their own people, that they are responsible for the tragedy, that they are cowards.

  24. Avatar

    What the heck is freaking wrong with those maniacs destroying their city more than what already has happened. Pure stupidity.

  25. Avatar

    Looks like Portland

  26. Avatar

    Shalom shalom shalom!!!

  27. Avatar
    Deborah Simmonds

    This is foreshadowing of what could happen in US when we aren't allowed to hold truthful elections

  28. Avatar

    can someone give a quick tldr about what the protest is about? the news says its protest of the explosion which i really don't understand.

  29. Avatar

    There is a very thin line between civilised behavior and descent into the cave.

  30. Avatar
    Nathaniel Palmer

    Im guessing civil war in Lebanon is not too far away. Hopefully I’m wrong but by what the Lebanese people have said about government corruption. The explosion just triggered their frustration.

  31. Avatar
    Sanayaima Ningombam

    Request the honest and true lebanese policemen and military to no support the current regime. Public should drag out all the politicians and govt officials into the streets…There is no better time than this for a revolution

  32. Avatar

    Black lives matter 2.0

  33. Avatar

    Welcome to Portland, Oregon in the good ole U.S. of A.

  34. Avatar

    Entertaining! War is beautiful

  35. Avatar
    JT Real 💯🙏

    I remember the explosion in Halifax Canada 🇨🇦 when 2 ships collided 1 ship carrying explosives for World War One destined for the battlefields in 1917 that wiped out everything in sight almost 2000 died, 9000 injured and blinded, 25'000 left without adequate shelter. 🇨🇦 it was the world's biggest explosion before Atomic bombs in 1945.

  36. Avatar

    That explosion had to of been set up by Israel look at all the riots that were caused by Israel and these scumbag politicians in Washington DC!!!

  37. Avatar
    Ὓὄὗʀ L·ἷғἔ Ṃᾄҭҭἔʀṩ

    Use deadly force NOW

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