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'Being radical is being able to tell your own story:' Local zine highlights Central American artists

Veronica Melendez and Kimberly Benavides created La Horchata Zine to highlight work by artists of Central American ancestry. The D.C. based seasonal publication includes visual art, poetry, and even music submitted by artists with roots in Central America who now live all over the world. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Ola Armanas! Por Favor abla de South America/Perupecha the Moche empire! gracias.

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    Wonderful! Looks like they're having fun! Inspires me to work on my blog/vlog!

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    This is great what you two are doing, I hope it takes off all the way to the moon 😄

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    Reparations for Poland from Germany and russia 50 BILION FROM EACH and Krolewiec Połabie Lusitia

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    Unless you are a "PALE SKIN" American. In that case, YOU GET ZERO and should go on apology tour for INFINITY according to democratic propaganda & narratives.
    Oh and for all the sympathizers go watch how the MOB RULES in Bolivia Mayor take down. Their cops wear black but are in fear being out numbered but, after 4 hours of torture and humiliation saved the life of their Mayor. Meanwhile in America, the democratic party is bought for NO BORDER SOCIETY GEORGE SOROS. Bloomberg billionaire is likely friends. Just ask yourself if you want all the South America continent to be neighbors with YOUR CHILDREN. Not to be racist but TRUMP IS TELLING YOU THEY WANT YOUR ECONOMY. Do you think he is telling a lie? No and he'll No! He is telling you the truth but the PSYOPS in America unfortunately justify the end to OUR REPUBLIC by ushering in the NWO AGENDA. If you live in the USA, I'm begging you to please defend our sovereignty and WAKE UP. Get the facts. The UN has to disarm AMERICA in order to usher in the tyrannical government backed up by the Pelosi Congress. You WILL WORK FOR YOUR DAILY RATION OF FOOD AND TAXES FOR ALL.
    So for all the blue life haters, I recommend you look at the tragedies going on in the world before you go attacking OUR POLICE, GOVERNMENT and so on. We may NOT BE perfect but WE ARE THE BEST FREE NATION IN THE WORLD

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