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Beijing launches campaign to punish coronavirus patients

The Chinese government is targeting citizens who report contracting new cases, speak out about being infected or mourn the death of a COVID-19 patient; Gillian Turner reports.

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  1. Avatar

    All the Patriots out there who want to take back a constitutional government be ready to protect your own backyard have foodi for your family and trust the plan.

  2. Avatar

    This video has no:
    – relevant footage
    – interview
    – relevant pictures
    – relevant articles
    – no sources

    Yes, this is fake news.

  3. Avatar
    Robert Richard

    MAOscow Mitch is blowing sunshine up Fox's ying-yang for some chump change, he must not have got a big enough chunk from the corporate socialism hand-out.

  4. Avatar

    Cambodia, Laos and Philippines will soon follow this best practice.

  5. Avatar

    We have no healthcare and y'all are still talking about China

  6. Avatar
    Austin Tyler Ewalker James

    I'm still upset with the fact that we didn't act sooner to close off any travel between the u.s and China sooner; cause if China's acting this way, then all the more reason to not assume that China would be any help to anyone, except for finding if they have a cure for what may or may not have created.

  7. Avatar

    Fox News is a joke.

  8. Avatar

    That makes no sense, why would they help these patients then harm them?

  9. Avatar

    It's so sad that I've removed from my computer all the numerous screenshots that I took of the online thread content at the beginning of the outbreak here in China, those threads were posted on Chinese Internet by the infected patients or their family members narrating how the patients were constantly denied diagnosis and treatment by hospitals and how the local officials lied to them again and again to delay help until many of them eventually died without being counted as a virus infection case. Now such evidences have completely been deleted from the Internet without a trace. Had I known this would happen I would surely have preserved my screenshots

  10. Avatar

    Oh my , how surprising … bad bad bad China communist government … duh who would a thought it …

  11. Avatar

    Who made the USA accountable for 2008 fainicial crisis
    Who made the USA accountable for the Irak invasion
    Who made the USA accountable the Vietnam War

  12. Avatar

    China should be held accountable for this by all countries affected.

  13. Avatar

    Why don't the chinese ppl rebel against these ccp?? Clearly most of the chinese are still poor.. only the filthy ccp's family or ppl related to them are wealthy

  14. Avatar

    this is not logic, what the CPP can benifit from doing this?

  15. Avatar

    Unbelievable. China is one evil country.

  16. Avatar
    Absolute Longplay

    I do not understand. The CCP is punishing the victims?

  17. Avatar

    I understand Chinese.
    The Chinese documentary that is in the video has nothing to do with this fake news with nothing to back up this statement.
    I have a lot of family members in China including my dear grandparents that raised me. I talk to them every day and they said nothing about this situation.
    I hope they can stop spreading false information

  18. Avatar

    CCP is a virus much more dangerous virus than wuhan virus.

  19. Avatar

    Stop buying 'made in China'
    It's all trash anyway

  20. Avatar

    It’s true I’m Jared and I share bed with Trump

  21. Avatar
    telly diana dayondon

    Push the nuke button!

  22. Avatar

    The China people needs to rise up!!!

  23. Avatar

    Whatever they do is not as bad as not doing anything for 2 months downplaying the risk by the WH! See the amount of lies that came out from the President himself! Some of these social media reports are nothing but mere speculation also without fact and these should be taken down as they have played into the hands of certain western medias. Why Is Capt Crozier of Uss Roosevelt not called a whistler blower when Dr Li was called one! Capt was sacked and Dr Li was reprimanded! This is an example of how western media contort all the internet posting to suits it own agenda!

  24. Avatar

    CCP holding secrets from the world time to act the more you wait more and more damage will be done

  25. Avatar

    Lolllllll I guess the punishment is launched by Fox News, come on, everyone unfortunate victim dreams to be treated in China right now. Stop spreading the fake news. I admire fox’s imagination truly

  26. Avatar
    James Hetfield

    Well Communist China's opened up and people can go to restaurants and bars and were still locked down prisoners so idk what this says about our governments

  27. Avatar

    why dont we just nuke them? ah yeah thats right because theyre big and bad too. oh well just pick on the little guys.

  28. Avatar
    Jiggly McSugertits

    I can see why the democRats like this guy from china .

  29. Avatar

    The Democrats have their lips pressed to Xi Jinping’s behind.

  30. Avatar

    What craps! There are lies! Mr. Trump, this is fake news!

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