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Behind the scenes: Will Trump's rally blitz win him the election? US Elections 2020

It is voters like Angel Fraijo that give Donald Trump hope.

The 36-year-old marketer did not back the US president at the last election. In fact he has never backed any politician, staying away from the ballot box out of disillusionment.

Until now. “Trump has made promises, Trump has kept promises,” he said, explaining that the president’s record in office has turned his head.

First-time Trump voters.

These are the people the president believes can deliver him a stunning comeback victory on Tuesday’s election.

And he has a strategy to match.

All this week Mr Trump has been criss-crossing the country conducting a blitz of rallies.

Sometimes three a day, often each an hour long.

More than a dozen in total and counting.

The drive reflects the Trump campaign’s theory of the case: That if they excite their support base enough to drive up turnout they will defeat Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

So are the thousands of cheering supporters proof the president’s strategy is working? Or, by underscoring his coronavirus failings, are the rallies just nailing shut his political coffin?

One thing seems certain: The president is enjoying himself.

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