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'Be afraid of Covid': New York governor Cuomo blasts Trump over coronavirus 'denial'

New York governor Andrew Cuomo has denounced Donald Trump over remarks he made telling Americans ‘to get out there’ and not fear Covid-19. Cuomo attacked Trump’s comments as ‘just more denial’ after the president returned from the White House following a three-night stay at the Walter Reed national military medical center. ‘Don’t be afraid of Covid? No. Be afraid of Covid. It can kill you. Don’t be cavalier.’
Trump tells negotiators to halt talks on Covid economic relief measures

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  1. Avatar

    Do not be afraid of covid!!!

  2. Avatar

    I have had covid twice. You don't need fancy hospital. Stop pushing fear!

  3. Avatar

    Literally looks and sounds like mafia lool. We all know its just gangsters at the top. Hence the wave of the rap gangster to take your mind away from real suited and booted silver tounged buy your mama flowers but break your kneecaps types

  4. Avatar

    When trump was blocking travel from China Cuomo was telling everyone NYers need not worry because they are “tough”.

  5. Avatar

    He's probably helped infect dozens of people in the last week alone. Public health hazard. In any sane nation they'd lock him up as a public health hazard.

  6. Avatar

    Cuomo used a 2006 photo to scare people into submitting to his Covid shutdowns of any religious services
    any anything else he feels like closing down. Stop selling cigarettes because
    Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States

  7. Avatar

    What a mook

  8. Avatar

    Omg ..the pettiness. If there's anything worse than Trump, it's the Dems reactions to him.

  9. Avatar

    This was the man that moved thousands of elderly back into care homes. He is the last person who should be calling Trump out.

  10. Avatar

    Maybe Cuomo should focus on not ordering care homes to allow covid carriers in to infect the vulnerable. That's why his State has the worst death rate in the world. He should be in jail for that.

  11. Avatar

    Be afraid of the people who want you to be afraid.

  12. Avatar

    Telling someone not to be afraid is like telling a brushfire to stop

  13. Avatar

    Be afraid of nothing

  14. Avatar

    Guys don’t believe everything in news, this is our time to rise up and fight for our freedom and future for our children 💯❤️ love you all brothers and sisters.

  15. Avatar

    Everyone needs to let this guy finish talking. pause. Then all just burst out laughing at his bs story. Then we all turn away and walk out laughing.

  16. Avatar

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  17. Avatar

    Coming from the guy who crammed people with Coivid into old folks homes. Knowing they were the most high risk. How is the guy still in office? Worst governor ever.

  18. Avatar

    Protestingting riots and partying, I dont think people are afraid of covid there. 😆

  19. Avatar

    Trump is right!

  20. Avatar

    They're revealing themselves before our very eyes.

  21. Avatar

    Trump is the nail on the coffin for covid Karen's everywhere

  22. Avatar

    Yes Mr. Cuomo the guy that release thousand of elderly people back to the nursery homes which caused other to die, now that Mr. Cuomo was a public de-serviced

  23. Avatar

    These comments are pathetic over a million people have died over covid 19 so yes but worried, be the cautious its not a show on tv this is reality… Not to mention hes right about trump recovering fast is only due to his status giving him the best medical treatment money can buy unlike the average person

  24. Avatar

    The NY mayor is a joke.

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